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Ghana Innovation Week Celebration #iWeek13

Ghana is a land rich in minerals and natural resources, but we cannot say the country as a whole has benefited from the “blessing” of the natural sources. Sometimes, we the “countrymen” even forget there are any such things as Gold, Diamond and Oil flowing from the bowels of our motherland. Instead, most young Ghanaians (at least the one’s I… Read more →

Call for Participants: 11th Youth Assembly at the United Nations

Deadline: 6th July, 2012 Today, Agriculture is playing a vital role in meeting the Millenium and Development Goals (MDG’s). Through innovation and use of technologies (ICTs for example), agricultural production is getting better and is also providing new opportunities across the agriculture value-chain, hence contributing to food security and improving livelihoods. Are you a Young Leader involved in Agriculture and… Read more →