Ghana Innovation Week Celebration #iWeek13

Ghana is a land rich in minerals and natural resources, but we cannot say the country as a whole has benefited from the “blessing” of the natural sources. Sometimes, we the “countrymen” even forget there are any such things as Gold, Diamond and Oil flowing from the bowels of our motherland. Instead, most young Ghanaians (at least the one’s I meet within my circles) are enthusiastic about innovation and are taking various steps to venture into private business with their innovations and creations.

This trend, I believe, is what has informed the institution of the innovation week celebration with BIG emphasis on ICT innovation and business. Hence, the event was dubbed: DRIVING INNOVATION (New Communities, New Opportunities, New Markets (Driving Innovation.COM)

The guest speaker for the official launch of the event, Hon. PV Obeng mentioned the governments commitment to create an enabling environment for Ghanaian ICT businesses since it could be the breaker to put Ghana among the world’s respectables. He also mentioned the governments efforts to make Youth business funding in Ghana a priority necessitating the hiring of 2 consultants to research and advice her as such on the best models.

Also in attendance was the Deputy Minister for communication Hon. Victoria Hammah.

Other influential players in the tech space including Derrydean Dadzie of DreamOval and Kinna Likimani, on a panel said it would be prudent for government to consult local service providers in the area of ICT owing to the fact that Ghanaian innovators are being recognized in other countries for their creations.

Some innovators including AgriPro, mPawa and Yougora spoke briefly about their Startups.

At the end of the day, the big lesson learnt was that “Books are to be read as technology is to be used”

Donald Ward

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