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Celebrating International Day of Rural Women in Ghana

Today is not just October 15th, it’s the International Day of Rural Women! It’s time we recognise rural women and girls in Ghana as focal points for resilience and sustainability. We appreciate the entrepreneurial attributes of rural  women smallholder farmers in Ghana and across Africa and encourage proactive policies that will really enrich their efforts. We are truly inspired by… Read more →

Happy Customer Service Week from Agricinghana Media

Happy Customer Service Week! As we celebrate you, our valued readers, we commit to serve you even better in bringing detailed and quality agricultural news in Ghana. In spreading the magic of our service, we offer you free access to Agricinghana Media News app from the Google Playstore this week. It’s absolutely free this week! Tap on the image below… Read more →

Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing of Cocoa Beans in Ghana: Truth or Fiction

By 2025, most commodity supply organisations and confectioneries intend completing the phased activity of responsibly and sustainably sourcing their raw commodities. Their intent is securing high commodity producer profitability, quality on-farm business, and concurrently addressing issues like gender inequality and poor social conditions. These commitments are ambitious and very exciting. It is interesting to observe how different institutions signed up… Read more →

9 Reasons for the Poor Performance of Ghana’s Agricultural Sector

Agriculture in Ghana has huge growth potential. Limited investments and policy-incoherence is unfortunately dwarfing its ability to expand. The current focus of Ghana’s government on agriculture does not outline a clear theory of change to build confidence and establish future continuation with a governance change. Presently, it is difficult to establish plausible association between Ghana’s broad development objectives and the policy reform… Read more →

Enhancing Rural Farm Productivity in Ghana: Digital Solutions

SyeComp is spearheading efforts in satellite-derived geodata enabled precision agriculture services in Africa. As an Earth Observation Technology company, the company strives to support smallholder African farmers and agribusinesses with localised digital solutions to create sustainable and profitable agrifood systems and promote smart sourcing ( traceability) solutions. The company’s onerous objective is to help commodity producer clients reach a high… Read more →

3rd Edition of Miss Agriculture Ghana is Launched

The 3rd edition of Miss Agriculture Ghana was Saturday September 7 launched at the Empire State hotel bringing twenty (20) brilliant women with different agriculture backgrounds from the South to the North of the country together for this year’s contest. Madam Paulina Addy, Director at Women in Agricultural Development (WIAD) Department of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture commended the… Read more →

Use modern technologies and drought resistant crops to minimize climate change impact: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The Co-chair for Commission on New Climate Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, says the use of modern technologies and drought resistant crop varieties are some of the surest ways to minimize the climate change menace facing Africa’s agricultural sector. This according to her will help reap the most out of the sector despite the challenges it is faced with. Mrs Okonjo-Iweala who… Read more →

Blessed Eid AI-Adha

Eid Mubarak! From all of us at Agricinghana Media, we wish you a celebration filled with blessings and goodness. #EidAIAdha About Eid al-Adha: Eid al-Adha or Eid Qurban, also called the “Festival of the Sacrifice”, is the second of two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year. It honours the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of… Read more →

Achieving optimum yields, food security and zero poverty: Are pollinators forgotten?

The drive to attain food security and increased yields have necessitated several interventions, strategies and practices by research institutions, government agencies, private sector actors and funding agencies, all in the name of achieving zero poverty. It seems that certain critical thinking and/or areas are still left untouched. Good agronomic practices, improved seeds, precision agriculture through digitization, private sector inclusion and… Read more →

Call for Applications: Miss Agriculture Ghana 2019

Yes, Ready for the 3rd edition of the *Miss Agriculture Ghana* Agro pageant 2019? Join the audition train!🚋🚋🚋🚋 Are you a young lady between the ages of 18-35 years, student or worker with interest in Agriculture? Do you have an innovative project or idea that can boost the interest of women in Agriculture and create more jobs? Simple; this is… Read more →

Agricinghana Media Celebrates Pan African Women’s Day

Today is the 58th Pan-African Women’s Day, observed annually on July 31, in commemoration of the first Pan-African Women’s Conference in 1962 held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It celebrates the remarkable feats of African Women while also advocating for gender equality and an end to all forms of discrimination against women. As Africans, it is our collective responsibility to… Read more →

Ivory Coast and Ghana win concessions on cocoa floor price

Ghana and Ivory Coast have won concessions from international stakeholders in the cocoa industry, including acceptance of a $2,600 floor price per tonne of cocoa. The world’s chocolate market is worth around $100 billion, only $6 billion go to cocoa producers. Ghana and Ivory Coast produce over 65% of world’s cocoa Both countries threatened to suspend sales to buyers unless… Read more →

Need for a Fix: Agricultural Policies on Land Use and Ownership in Ghana

Land ownership and its associate problems continue to hinder commercial agriculture activities in Ghana. Local chiefs, family lands, and community village heads are still a threat to land access and development for commercial agricultural activities in the country. Agricultural policies on land use and ownership remains a key factor if we aim to efficiently revolutionise our nascent agriculture sector to… Read more →

Transforming small farms into business entities

Ghana’s agriculture is dominated by smallholder farmers who produce more than 80 percent of the nation’s food requirements using rudimentary technology and with limited access to extension services, high cost and low quality agri-inputs, and inefficient supply chains. The current rate of extension agents to farmers is 1:1,000. For effective agriculture extension, this should be 1:400. To improve small farmer… Read more →

Pesticides: “A Nightmare for Ghanaian Citizens”

Food is needed for human existence. This holds true for Ghanaians who consume fruits, vegetables, grains and even value added agricultural products such as chocolate from cocoa bean to meet up their dietary requisites. The initial focus of food consumption was to satisfy the hungry taste, and therefore the emphasis was more on the “quantity” of consumed products. Nowadays, people… Read more →

Agricinghana Media Week long News App Giveaway!

Interested in accessing and installing the Agricinghana Media News app but the $0.99 ( ~5 Ghana Cedis) price tag seem out of your reach presently? No worries! From today Monday, July 15 to July 22, you can install it for FREE. Absolutely no charge! Share the Google Playstore link with other smart farmers and agriculture professionals. This is a very limited… Read more →