About Us

The agricinghana blog seeks to highlight issues on agricultural development in Ghana and in the sub-region. It brings to the fore technological innovations and practices that can be shared and made relevant to farmers and other stakeholders in the value chain. The blog also promotes agricultural research works and provides information on various market access support services available to increase productivity, incomes and livelihoods of farmers. The agricultural consultancy services and projects of partner organisations are also promoted on this blog.


Research, Case Studies and Knowledgement Management Services

Our Research work focuses on informing stakeholders on the role of agriculture and rural development in the broader economic and policy context in line with the emphasis placed on agriculture in Ghana’s Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy. Agricinghana and partner organisations support the development and implementation of research and case studies of various aspects of the agricultural value chain for local and international institutions, and the Government of Ghana.

We have a dynamic team of young researchers, partner consultants and a management team always at your service. We take a local-to-global approach in executing agricultural research services.Call on us!

AgriHub Ghana: Knowledge Space & Incubator

Agricinghana and partner institutions manage the AgriHub Ghana Knowledge Space, the premier agribusiness resource centre and  youth-focused agribusiness incubator in Ghana.

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