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@Agricinghana blog shortlisted for the Ghana Social Media Awards 2013

Your ever-enriching and content-filled award-winning @Agricinghana blog has been shortlisted for an award in the “Best Organisational Blog” Category for the maiden edition of the Ghana Social Media Awards 2013. Online votes constitute 40% and the Judges selection constitute 60%. Kindly visit this link and caste your vote for (www.agricinghana.com) to win in its listed category. You may also vote… Read more →

BlogCamp 2012: Voice of a New Generation

Within the last few years, social media, riding on the wave of massive Internet growth, have become the new frontiers of engagement in all aspects of personal, corporate and civic affairs. Ghana has not been left out of this massive global development. The statistics speak for themselves: about 1.4 million active web users, 70% mobile penetration, 1.2 million Facebook users… Read more →