BlogCamp 2012: Voice of a New Generation

Within the last few years, social media, riding on the wave of massive Internet growth, have become the new frontiers of engagement in all aspects of personal, corporate and civic affairs. Ghana has not been left out of this massive global development. The statistics speak for themselves: about 1.4 million active web users, 70% mobile penetration, 1.2 million Facebook users and over 300 bloggers. The rule of the game in the Internet age is simple – adapt or die.

What is Social Media?
Social media are online tools that allow you interact creatively, seamlessly, directly and quickly with your friends, family, business associates and other contacts. They easily facilitate connections between humans through blogs, microblogs, social networks and photo/video-sharing sites. If websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and YouTube come to mind, that is social media! Ghanaian institutions stand to gain immensely from these new media platforms as they enable customer engagement and feedback in real time.

BlogCamp Ghana 2012
BloggingGhana, a registered organisation of pro-Ghana bloggers, is putting together a one-day social media training event dubbed BlogCamp 2012 themed Voice of a New Generation. BlogCamp 2012 brings all the main actors in the Ghanaian social media space together at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE), on 5th May 2012. The event seeks to educate and inform attendees on the benefits of social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and blogs. Further, BlogCamp 2012 will demonstrate how the youth can leverage the power of social media for positive social change, good governance, accountability, technology, business and education; this will ensure that there is more online content from Africa. Visit the BlogCamp Agenda page for further details.

BlogCamp 2012 will also be used to launch Ghana’s first Social Media Awards scheme, aimed at rewarding various activists and contributors to the growth of social media in Ghana.

Why Should I Attend?
First, BlogCamp 2012 is a free event. Second, you learn about ways in which you can network, boost your professional profile and promote your business/cause using proven channels. Third, you meet and network with some of the best minds in Ghana’s new media circles. Finally, you have your personal and/ or corporate blog and other social media accounts set up for you for free. Yes, no one leaves BlogCamp 2012 without a blog!

How Did You Do It and How Can I Get Involved?
BlogCamp 2012 has been made possible through the efforts of the BloggingGhana Community and the kind support of our partners: Vodafone, Google, United States Embassy, Nandimobile, Web4Africa, Citi 97.3 Fm, Mawuli Sikanku Photography and REDD Kat Pictures. We are looking for more partnerships, especially towards our upcoming Ghana Social Media Awards. You can get your organization to be part of this exciting initiative by reading through the sponsorship proposal and getting in touch with the organizers through this form. BlogCamp is looking for more volunteers, so fill the form too if you have interest.

I Need More Info!
Wait, have you registered? If not, enter your details into the BlogCamp 2012 registration page to be part of this wonderful programme. For more information, visit the BlogCamp Ghana website or connect with BloggingGhana through Twitter, Facebook or Google +. We will be posting with the hash tags #BlogCamp12 and #BloggingGhana. Send your inquiries and we will get back to you immediately. Be part of BlogCamp 2012, Voice of a New Generation!

By Gameli Adzaho, Blogging Ghana

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