PwC Acquires Geotraceability

PwcPwC has today announced the acquisition of GeoTraceability, a company offering specialised tracking and data collection technology for natural resources including cocoa, coffee, cotton, nuts and minerals globally.

GeoTraceability uses data gathering and monitoring technology such as GPS mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and mobile phone and bar coding systems to track products from origin to shop floor. This supports businesses with increasing demands to make the origin of products transparent and allay concerns about natural resource security and environmental impacts.

This technology can be used in the agriculture, livestock, fishing, forestry and mining sectors.

Ian Powell, Chairman and Senior Partner, PwC said: “Resource scarcity and supply chain management are significant issues for our clients. The acquisition of GeoTraceability is another example of how we are investing in innovative technologies and services that enable our clients to make better business decisions, establish trust and reduce their risk.”

In just 18 months, the company has facilitated the mapping and data collection of over 120,000 hectares of production in 11 countries, using GPS and GIS technologies. We believe this is the first time that hard data on such a large number of small producers has been collected. As part of its service, GeoTraceability has collected data from 106,000 small holder farmers in developing countries, giving them information to help improve their production, farming practices and livelihood, and supporting their access to international supply chain markets.

The company recently launched new approaches to address the traceability of conflict minerals, and monitoring of key biodiversity indicators

Pierre Courtemanche, founder and CEO of GeoTraceability, said: “Joining the PwC network gives additional resources and capacity to deliver our ambition to grow at scale internationally. Competition for natural resources is intensifying, and a company’s ability to plan, monitor and secure its supply chain is vital.”

GeoTraceability is headquartered in the UK and will form part of PwC’s UK Consulting business.

Credit: Fabrício Hein,


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