Recruitment of Programme Staff-MIS/M&E Officer-GASIP

Reports to: Senior Policy and M&E Manager

Role: The MIS/M&E Officer will support the Senior Policy and M&E Manager in guiding the overall M&E strategy and implementation of related activities within the Programme and via partners, plus providing timely and relevant information to project stakeholders. This entails close communication with all involved in MIS design and coordination: core Programme and partner staff; representatives from primary stakeholder groups; external consultants and members of external M&E-related missions. He/she will also serve as the in-house information systems resource person who will administer the automated aspects (central database) of the GASIP M&E system.

Specific Tasks:  

(i) Design the MIS for the Programme and upgrade it as and when required;
(ii) Together with the sub-contractor, conduct systems analysis and prepare a logical model and functional specification of GASIP- electronic MIS for installation and decentralisation;
(iii) Support the development of electronic database for the Programme and perform basic network administration and security functions ensuring system integrity and security;
(iv) Monitor, evaluate and follow up on the use and results of MIS system at all levels as regular technical support;
(v) Facilitate the development of the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP), ensuring alignment with programme strategy, agreement on annual targets;
(vi) Assist Programme and IA staff in collecting and compiling data from the field, analysing and producing reports;
(vii) Review monitoring reports, analyze them for impact evaluation and identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation;
(viii) Guide the regular sharing of the outputs of M&E findings with Programme staff, implementing partners and primary stakeholders and plan for regular opportunities to identify lessons learned and implications for the Programme’s next steps;
(ix) Guide and supervise organizations that are contracted to implement special surveys and studies required for evaluating programme effects and impacts.
(x) Ensure that all service provider contracts include specifications for the internal monitoring required of them, the reporting systems and the penalties for failure to report as specified.
(xi) Design an information retrieval system (Intranet) for all major programme documents, reports and manuals produced in coordination with Programme and IA staff;
(xii) Update the GASIP Website regularly and provide technical support in computer system to all programme staff;
(xiii) Upgrade dashboard and reporting module from time to time and incorporate new evaluation parameters for management use.
(xiv) Ensure integration of GASIP’s broader principles including attention to gender, climate change, youth development, etc. into the Programme’s  activities.

Performance Targets: 

(i) Conduct periodic orientation on the electronic MIS database for GASIP and Implementing Agency (IA) staff and other members as required;
(ii) Develop a User Manual for the electronic MIS Database for use by Programme and IA staff;
(iii) Assist Programme and IA staff in establishing the M&E indicators in relation to objectives, outcomes and inputs as defined in Results Framework of GASIP;
(iv) Provide regular updated facts and figures in tables, graphs, and charts as part of the management information system;
(v) Organize (and provide) refresher M&E/MIS training for programme and implementing partner staff, local organizations and primary stakeholders.


• At least a first degree in Information Technology, Information Systems Management, or in a field related to development and/or management and experience in field research.
• Three years of strong professional background with management information systems, with exposure in development field.
• Experience of public sector and donor funded project is highly desirable.
Specific traits should include:
• Expert database management experience and software familiarity with MS Access, Visual Basics, FoxPro and other database software related to M&E.
• Familiarity with the deployment of M&E tools for strategic planning and performance monitoring
• Highly organized with methodological approaches to data management (in manual and computer based forms)
• Data analysis and strong background with spreadsheets & databases (Excel & Access)
• Leadership qualities, personnel and team management (including mediation and conflict resolution).

Remuneration: Competitive salary


Qualified and interested applicants should send application letters with copies of curriculum vitae, certificates and other relevant documentation to:

The National Programme Coordinator
Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme
Ministry of Food and Agriculture, P. O. Box M.37, Accra, Ghana
Tel. 0544094669/233244233887

Location: MOFA Projects Block, Procurement Office, 3rd Floor, in the premises of the Government Secretarial School, Cantonments, Accra.


Applicants are to include direct contacts (reliable telephone, fax numbers and email address) in their applications in order to facilitate early and easy contact. Only short listed applicants will be contacted. Candidates can send both soft and hard copies.


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