Geodata for Agriculture and Water: Syecomp’s Satellite-Based Information Services

Water security is fundamental for building resilience in agroecologies and farming communities, and for contributing to food security, human well-being, and sustainable development in low- and middle-income countries. Under increasing pressure, agricultural systems have to produce more food and other products on less land, with less water and fertilizer, while also ensuring lower greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, this needs to happen on a large scale and at reduced cost, and must be sustainable. Making agriculture more resilient depends on science, technology and innovation.

The technology usually deployed in  assessing and addressing the aforementioned constraints is remotely sensed satellite imagery. Satellite sensors provide coverage of vast land areas and are especially useful for monitoring crops status, calculating losses from severe weather events and conducting yield assessments.

Remote sensing satellite technology represent a particularly efficient approach for crop health and vegetation status monitoring, mapping ground water and determining extent of soil degradation. This is key for precision farming practices.

Farmers, especially medium to large scale commercial farmers in Ghana, have seen the usefulness in using satellite imagery to make effective farm management decisions and to prioritize actions. It is our conviction the scale of adoption of such technologies will improve for the rapid growth of the agricultural sector in Ghana.

Over the past few years, we have increased attention and focus towards supporting smallholder food producers in Ghana to access and use satellite imagery for improved rural farming activities. Smallholder farmers have their unique constraints with regards technology adoption but the interest and curiosity prevails among them. At Syecomp, we are open to learning and building relevant project partnerships with development agencies, impact investors, Government of Ghana and its ancillary agencies, to deploy and scale our services especially targeted at smallholder food producers in farming and fishing communities in Ghana.

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