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Sale of fake agrochemicals booms at Kejetia-CropLife Ghana

The Kejetia terminal and its surroundings in Kumasi have been identified as the hub of the sale of counterfeit agrochemical products in the country. The resultant effects of the nefarious activities of these unscrupulous businessmen are untold hardship to farmers due to low harvest and possible health hazards to consumers of such farm produce. The practice also put the lives… Read more →

CropLife Ghana CleanFarms Project- A Summary Report

The CropLife CleanFarms Ghana Project began in 2009 after a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ghana, represented by the Ministry of Food & Agiculture (MoFA) and CropLife International, represented by CropLife Ghana (CLG). The project was extensively executed in collaboration with the Ministry of Food & Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A total of about 170 MT of… Read more →