Snail farming in Ghana: Aren’t you interested?

Snail farming is a very lucrative business which requires very little capital to start. I encourage all students, unemployed graduates, graduates serving their National Service, bored aged and everyone who yearns for a supplementary income to venture into snail farming. One can start snail farming in Ghana with as low as 500 Ghana Cedis initial capital.

Averagely snails lay eggs trice yearly but for strategic planning purposes, assume they lay once yearly. This is because it takes them some time to find a suitable partner, mate and consequently produce and lay the eggs. They also spend about 3-4 months to form eggs again after laying.

The size/weight of the snail influences the quantity of eggs the snail can lay. Large, older snails above 500g weight lay bigger eggs than snails who are laying for the first time in their life cycle. Large snails above 500g lay averagely 300 eggs.

Depending on the quality of eggs laid and the ambient temperature and moisture level of the incubation soil, the eggs laid will start hatching after about 3weeks.

The hatchlings (newly hatched snails) take about 12 months to grow to a size where one can sell and earn a favorable value for it. Advisably, one should allow the hatchlings to start laying before selling the matured ones off. This ensures continuity and profitability of the business.

The common risks associated with snail farming is ability to provide the right ambient temperature and relative humidity for growing the snails, ability to provide the right substrate for egg incubation, sourcing nutritious inexpensive feeds and finally ability to provide the funds needed for expansion in order to ensure continuous supply of healthy, nutritious snails.

Article by:
George Asomdwoe Asare
Farm Manager
Joanado Farm
Cellphone Contact: 0208280232

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