Who are Annual Institutional Partners (AIPs) of Agricinghana Media?

With a 7-year footprint deep into the agriculture and media communities, Agricinghana Media has managed to build powerful and purposeful platforms to enable valuable connections. One of the key drivers of our work is the awesome support we receive from our Annual Institutional Partners (AIPs) in Ghana, US, and Europe.

Annual Institutional Partners of Agricinghana Media are our proud institutional stakeholders, high net-worth individuals, Development Projects/Programs, and Service Providers who leverage on our news media platform to connect and engage with the general public and external stakeholders.

Our Annual Institutional Partners in return receive continuous media visibility, unlimited content dissemination, content-driven advertising support, media relation support, and development project coverage support within the contractual year ( 12 months). The service charge is a one-time annual fee.

Image Credit: SyeComp/ email: team@syecomp.com

Reach out to us if you’re interested in being an Annual Institutional Partner or wish to renew your partnership with us.

Join us on this journey in 2019 by becoming an Annual Institutional Partner ( AIP) to Agricinghana Media.

Email us for an invoice: Editor@agricinghana.com

Connect with us via WhatsApp on the Farmer Helpline: 0500000996

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