Experience Capitalization Workshop in Accra: Syecomp’s unique connexion

In the course of last week, March 27 to March 31, Syecomp team participated in a one week participatory event on “Experience Capitalization”- a knowledge for development approach which aims to help organisations describe and analyse their work, draw specific lessons, and then share these lessons with others. This workshop is part of a running project by the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA).

One of the key lessons learnt by Syecomp staff was the need to share knowledge, experiences, and information on its core services and projects. This helps keep the company constantly innovating in its service delivery thus keeping it ahead of the competition.

At Syecomp we believe a subset of knowledge management encompasses the exchange of knowledge (information, skills, experiences, or expertise) within our company and across organizations. According to the World Bank Knowledge Management Handbook, although it can be one-directional, knowledge sharing in most cases is a two-way or multilateral exchange in which the parties learn from each other.

It is based on these outlooks that we have a great working partnership with Agricinghana blog, a dynamic knowledge management and information sharing portal on Agriculture in Ghana. We leverage on this unique relationship to utilise the blog’s focus and messaging for our institutional knowledge and information dissemination to the public.

Through collaborating with Agricinghana, we constantly share our agribusiness project experiences in the deployment of multi-spectral remote sensing satellite and Unmanned Aerial Services (DRONE) imagery projects; agricultural policy research services and projects; Policy-related projects, and our Training services in ICT deployment in agriculture.

Interested in following up on the above workshop? Send a mail to Edna: edna@syecomp.com

Syecomp team at the Workshop on Experience Capitalization-Accra City Hotel


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