Expression of Interest: Recruitment of Short-term Consultants for GASIP

Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme (GASIP)

Expression of Interest (EOI)



The Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme (GASIP) seeks to recruit short-term consultants to facilitate access to various forms of financial and non-financial technical services by carefully selected smallholder farmers and agribusiness enterprises.

GASIP is a programme being funded by the Government of Ghana, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) with the vision of providing a sector-wide national framework for government and development partner funding into the agricultural sector. GASIP’s aim is to facilitate investments into demand-driven value chain development focusing on the scaling up of models and methods that have proven to work in other programmes or through pilot activities.

The programme is national in scope and will provide a basis for scaling up investments in pro-poor agricultural value chain development led by the private sector. The strategic focus of GASIP is on smallholder farmers, to make them more competitive by increasing their capacity to respond to market demand in terms of quality, price, time and volume thus contributing to Ghana Medium Term Agriculture Investment Plan (METASIP) o objectives. At least 62,860 clients or direct beneficiaries will be targeted towards the end of project year 3 (PY3) and 86,4000 clients by PY6, of which at least 50% will be women, 20% youth (15-24 years) and 30% young adults (25-34 years).

The Programme, which will last for six years, commenced in 2015 with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) as the implementing Ministry. It has a National Programme Coordination Unit in Accra and three Zonal Programme Offices (ZPOs) in Kumasi, Tamale and Dodowa.


The Programme has three components, namely:

Component 1: Value Chain Development-is central to ensuring strong business linkages among actors in the entire value chain of commodities to ensure they meet market or consumer and industry demands. It has three sub-components: Agribusiness linkage development; rural financial services and climate change resilience which needs to be mainstreamed in the promotion of value chains in order to reduce risks and enhance profitability and sustainable production systems.

Component 2: Rural Value Chain Infrastructure– aims at providing the enabling infrastructure to catalyse value chain development. It has two sub-components: Productive Infrastructure and Facilities, that seek to encourage investments in commercial infrastructure and facilities for the selected value chains and Enabling Public Infrastructure-aimed to finance enabling public infrastructure for the growth and viability of selected value chains.

Component 3: Knowledge Management, Policy Support, and Coordination aims at harnessing successful lessons for replication and providing an enabling environment for optimization of programme opportunities and benefits. The two sub-components are: Knowledge Management, Harmonization and Policy Support-aims at creating an enabling environment for smallholders to participate in profitable and climate change resilient agricultural value chains; and Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Programme.


The nature of GASIP support to the targeted clients require the provision of specific financial, marketing or technical support to agribusinesses. The objective of the assignment is therefore to facilitate access to various forms of financial and non-financial services by carefully agribusiness enterprises. This is intended to make a significant contribution to the vitalisation of Ghana’s agribusiness sector with significant potential benefits for farmers producing agro-industrial raw materials. This will be done through a number of instruments including specialised short-term consultancies, monitoring arrangements and on-the-job training. The emphasis will be on rapid response to identified needs, and direct assistance from experienced business practitioners.

Specific expertise will be provided to partner agri-businesses to:

  1. Address identified weaknesses in various areas of the agribusiness;
  2. Provide specific technical expertise, such as in marketing, food safety standard accreditation and others; and

iii. Help build capacity in a braod range of areas which are critical to business success.

It is envisaged that Business Support Experts may be required in the following areas among others:

  • Agricultural production and food systems;
  • Small business administration, accounting, and financial management
  • Farm budgeting, agricultural financing and rural financial services;
  • Feasibility studies and business planning for agribusiness;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of rural development projects;
  • Gender mainstreaming and targeting in rural development projects
  • Account and profitability analysis for smallholder farmers and agribusinesses
  • Food safety standards, packaging technology and agricultural marketing;
  • Agricultural value chain mapping and value chain analysis
  • Environmental management and climate risk analysis for Agricultural value chains;
  • M&E with experience in Agricultural value chain;
  • Rural Sociologist;
  • Agricultural Economist;
  • Legal framework governing business relationships within a value chain setting


  1. Shortlisted Business Support Experts will be included in the Business Support Services (BSS) roster. Experts will be engaged on an indefinite quantity contract, which specifies the billing rate general conditions, and called upon when required to undertake specific short-term assignments. The contract will become effective when a Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued. The contract will be on an intermittent basis and only for specific assignments. Prior to a specific assignment, the expert will be contacted to confirm availability.
  2. If the expert is available, a tasking note will be issued reflecting specified assignment details (terms of reference with requirements for the task, number of working days, expected outputs and timing for the specific assignment) and location-specific out-of-pocket expenses (per diem and travel) will be processed within two to three weeks prior to the start of the specific assignment. After that, NTP will be issued. The expert shall not be mobilised without a valid tasking note and NTP.

3.While the requirements for each specific TOR will be set out on a case by case basis, they may include some or all of the following:

  • Provide tailored technical advice, financial management, or managerial support services, including support in preparation and/or review of business plans, to enhance business processes quality or quantity of production and capacity of partner businesses.
  • Provide tailored support, as necessary, to stakeholders within the respective agriculture value chain relevant for the agribusiness, for example: raw material suppliers.
  • Provide tailored advice for potential market access strategies, including assessing market potentials, and procing strategies for export.
  • Provide tailored advice for improvement of the agriculture value chain.



The experts will submit the deliberables and output of the specific TOR to the partner business and/or the National Coordinator of GASIP. The deliverables may include some or all of the following:

  • Reports on market access strategies;
  • Assessment on requirements to achieve food safety standard accredidation;
  • Improvement of outgrower schemes;
  • Specific reports and presentations;
  • Workshop, seminar and training delivery, as required

If not otherwise specified, the expert will submit reports and required documents based on Microsoft office file formats


The expert will report to the National Coordinator of GASIP who has overall responsibility for the delivery of the Business Suport Services.


Travel to various parts of Ghana may be required. Some assignments might be home office based.


The expert will have the following qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills among others.

  • Relevant tertiary qualifications in agriculture, agricultural economics,economics or business administration or in any related field
  • At least 10 years related field experience in the agriculture or agribusiness subsector
  • Excellent written and spoken English; and
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines.


The selected experts will be offered an indefinite quantity contract valid for 12 months with the possibility of renewal thereafter.


Monitoring of the implementation of any assignment and the quality of deliverables will be managed by a dedicated GASIP Manager.

The performance indicators for specific assignments may include:

  • Objectives and deadlines specified in the TOR for a specific assignment have been met
  • GASIP and partner businesses are satisfied with the accuracy, clarity and consistency of the service provided and output (s) delivered
  • The experts with courtesy and cooperates with related partners


Application should be in written form (hard and soft) in accordance with the requirements as may be prescribed in the specific call for proposal. The completed application forms should be addressed to the Address A below and should be submitted to the address B below:

A. The National Programme Coordinator

Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme

Ministry of Food and Agriculture

P.O. Box M.37, Accra, Ghana


B. The Procurement Office

Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme

Ministry of Food and Agriculture

P. O. Box M.37, Accra, Ghana

Tel: 0544094669 / 0244233887


Location: MOFA Project Block, 3rd Floor, in the premises of the Government Secretarial School, Cantonments, Accra

Deadline for the submission of Expression of Interest shall be on or before 15:00 hours GMT (i.e 3:00pm local time on 20th January, 2017. Applicants have up to 13th January, 2017 to submit any queries or seek clarifications on this EOI via the address and/ or email indicated under item K above. This means that any query or request for clarification after 13th January, 2017 may not receive any attention.

Download the EOI: EOI-Call for Consultants for Business Support Services [PDF]

PS/ Applicants must submit the original and 4 copies of the expression of interest.


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