Technical Constraints in the National Youth Policy for Inclusive Participation of Youth in Agriculture


Government of Ghana in pursuance of its investment in the youth launched the National Youth Policy in August 2010 on the theme, “Towards an Empowered Youth, Impacting positively on national development.’’ A lot of significant milestones including the ratification of the African Youth Charter as well as the acceptance of the incorporation of a ‘’youth clause’’ into the national constitution through the Constitutional Review White Paper have been achieved. However, significant drawbacks in the National Youth Policy with regard youth entry points leveraging on our significant asset, our agrarian economic potential, needs further review and improvement.

During recent focus group discussions (FGD) conducted for representatives of youth groups in northern and southern Ghana under the theme: Technical Constraints in the National Youth Policy for Inclusive Participation of Youth in Agriculture, the availability of a National Youth Policy was very much cherished by all participants. With regards interventions for promoting active youth participation in modern agriculture in Ghana, a representative from the Federation of Young Farmers’ Ghana (FYFG) suggested the National Youth Authority focus on advocating for an improved realistic financing environment for youth in agriculture. Additionally, the representative suggested the need to review the implementation plan of the youth policy to expand the goals and activities of youth in modern agriculture.

The workshops were organised by Syecomp Ghana Ltd as part of activities under a grant activity: Improving Approaches to Mainstreaming Gender in Ghana’s Youth Policy and Youth in Agriculture Programme: Focus on Climate-Smart Agriculture and Market-Oriented Value Chains; and sponsored by the USAID|Ghana Feed the Future Agriculture Policy Support Project, which is being implemented by Chemonics International Inc. (USA).

A representative from Agrihub Ghana was of the view that key agricultural value chain activities need to be highlighted in the implementation plan of the national youth policy. Furthermore, the nexus between youth unemployment and agriculture as a major job-creation avenue in Ghana is inextricably linked and should receive greater consideration in the policy document and its associated implementation plan. A representative from the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) shared the opinion that given the integral role the National Youth Policy is expected to play in shaping the youth development front in Ghana, it is a laudable idea to incorporate a more holistic solution. These include:

  • Explicit targeting of youth in agriculture policies
  • Facilitating youth access to land
  • Facilitate youth access to finance
  • Facilitating an improved information pathway
  • Investing in youth capacity in technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills

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This is the 10th in a 12-series blog (articles) to espouse the context of the Position Paper on effectively mainstreaming  Gender and Youth in Agriculture in Ghana with support from USAID/Ghana Feed the Future Agriculture Policy Support Project (USAID/APSP)

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