First UAV4Ag Demonstration Day at Groital Farms

Photo Credit: CTA

In the context of the 2nd Pan African Agri-Business Incubators Conference and Expo, Youth Day and PAFO Continental Briefing, The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Co-operation (CTA-ACP/EU) organised a series of field days to showcase how drones can be used in the context of farming activities.

The demonstrations have been carried out at Groital farms in Nsawam, Ghana, by AIRINOV (France) and Uhurulabs (Tanzania). Participants have been introduced to hardware and software used, the launch the drones and observing them flying.

Different types of drones (fixed wing and quadcopter) have been used. The flight of the winged drone, an eBee has been programmed at different altitudes to generate various data-sets intended for different purposes.

The drone operators explained how the devices are operated, data captured and analysed.

View some field demonstration pictures below (Photo Credit: Giacomo Rambaldi, CTA):


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