USAID Financing Increasing Agricultural Sector Growth in Ghana

USAID-FinGAP is an agribusiness financial facilitation project that helps agribusinesses in the maize, rice and soy value chains in the north of Ghana to access the financing they need for their agribusinesses to grow. USAID-FinGAP works with three key actors to facilitate financing:

(i) agribusiness Small, Medium, including Large Enterprises (SMiLEs) in the maize, rice and soy value chains,

(ii) Financial Institutions, and

USAID(iii) Business Advisory Service (BAS) Providers.

• Agribusiness SMiLEs: the project supports SMiLEs to access financing at relatively lower cost using a variety of existing financial products while at the same time utilizing risk mitigation tools such as crop or weather insurance, partial credit guarantees, etc. to further incentivize financial institutions to offer financing to agribusinesses.

• Financial Institutions: these comprise commercial banks, savings and loans, rural and community banks; microfinance, insurance and leasing companies; equity and impact investors; as well as other non-bank financial institutions that are well versed and committed to providing financing for agribusinesses in the targeted value chains. USAID-FinGAP provides incentives to these financial institutions to help them to better serve agribusinesses in the targeted value chains. These incentives include support to establish agribusiness finance desks, and capacity building to financial institutions for agribusiness financing. USAID-FinGAP strives to facilitate the reduction of risks for financial institutions while reducing the cost of financing for agribusinesses.

• BAS Providers: USAID-FinGAP has recruited, trained and contracted a core network of BAS providers to support agribusinesses in financial facilitation. Other BAS providers will be recruited throughout the project life as they show competency. Prospective BAS firms interested in joining the USAID-FinGAP network are encouraged to apply through the address provided below. Members of the USAID-FinGAP BAS Provider network receive capacity building and are eligible for subsidies for their services to the SMiLEs.

  3 comments for “USAID Financing Increasing Agricultural Sector Growth in Ghana

  1. David Parku
    April 27, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    Dea r Sir.
    Kindly indicate how can one take part in this program.

    Kind regards

    David Parku.

    • May 31, 2016 at 8:28 am

      Hi David, kindly visit the USAID-FINGAP website for more information:

  2. Gyamwodie Obed
    November 3, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Sir, please am a student in university of ghana and I have acquired 50 acres of fertile land suitable for crops and vegetable production but I need grant from you to buy John Deere tractor with attachments from afgri ghana limited estimated at USD $200,000 for purchase of these equipments,inputs ,seed varieties and clearing and managing the farm located in Volta region near the Volta lake.please how can I be helped?

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