Short Training Courses by CSIR-CRI, Ghana

CSIR-GhanaThe CSIR-Crops Research Institute, one of the 13 Institutes of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research announces a series of short-term training courses which can be freely accessed through its website The Institute’s mission is to develop and disseminate demand-driven technologies and build capacity for sustainable food and industrial crops productivity to enhance livelihoods.
The Institute has highly skilled manpower, a state of the art biotechnology laboratory complex and other well equipped labs, extensive research fields, a dam for irrigation to facilitate off-season field work, a modern weather station, and conference and training facilities where clients are trained.
The courses have been designed to give in-depth knowledge in modern trends in agriculture and also hands on training in good agricultural practices for our target audience. The target audience for these courses includes Scientists and Technicians in the West African sub-region, University students, Mid-career professionals in Universities and Research Institutes, Senior High School and Agricultural College teachers, Agricultural Extension Agents of Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) and NGOs, Commercial farmers and Farmer Based Organizations, Agrochemical dealers and Project Officers of financial institutions.

1. Introduction to Biotechnology
2. Hands-on- Introduction to Biotechnology for High School Teachers Using Dry Lab paper Modules and Wet Labs
3. Introduction to Post-flask Management of Tissue Culture derived Plantlets
4. Safe Use and Handling of Agrochemicals
5. Diseases and Insect Pests on Root and Tuber Crops and their Management
6. Plantain/Banana Planting Material Production
7. Good Agricultural Practices in Plantain and Banana Production
8. Conservation Agriculture
9. Mainstreaming Gender in Agricultural Research and Development
10. Quantitative and Qualitative Research: Approaches to Data Management and Analysis
11. Statistical Techniques for Agriculture and Life Sciences
12. Introduction to Practical Vegetable Production
13. Best Maize Production Practices

Application forms can be obtained from the CSIR-Crops Research Institute, Kumasi or downloaded from the CSIR-Crops Research Institute website (

Contact Director, CSIR-Crops Research Institute, Telephone numbers: 03320-60396/62522 or e-mail:

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