Calls for Grants Q2-GhanaVeg

GhanaVeg has announced its new calls for grants for the Business Opportunities Fund (BO) and Research and Development Innovation Fund (R&D).

The Calls are collectively aimed at supporting a sector-wide development of Ghana’s vegetable sector. The themes being considered under BO are Private Extension, Vegetable Value Chain Integration and Innovative Irrigation. These themes would be co-funded to a tune of €50,000, with a private sector contribution (in kind or cash) of an equivalent amount.

Under R&D, the theme being considered is Input Supply where private sector-led innovative activities will be co-financed to a tune of €25,000.

For the full details of each call and how to submit applications, please click on the respective links on the right side bar, or the sub-menus under the grants tab.

Deadline for submission of applications is Wednesday June 1, 2016, 5 pm Ghana time. All applications should be submitted to

Further details on the application procedure can be downloaded from:

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