CTA Awards Grant to Ghanaian Geospatial Mapping Company

SBS-satellite info service-Ghana
SBS-satellite info service-Ghana

Syecomp Business Services Ltd, a private-sector provider of Agricultural Research and Geospatial Survey and Mapping company in Ghana has been awarded a grant by The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) to develop a proof of concept and explore viable business models for the adoption of Geospatial Technology (GIS/Global Positioning Systems), dissemination of agro-climatic information and mFarm actor-chain interactions in Ghana.

This is a unique service of its kind in Ghana exploring twin approaches of learning and scaling-up where smallholder (and commercial) farmers will receive and also request for scientific information on weather, soil and crop-related conditions of their farms.

“The use of quantitative, geospatial data obtained from farmlands and its effective transformation into qualitative information understandable by farmers is a unique game-changer to challenges faced by farmers in Ghana with regards to plant growth, field moisture, yield determination and mineral deposits”, said Solomon Elorm Allavi, the company’s Chief Operations Manager.

The negative impact of climate change, water scarcity and food security on the productivity of smallholder and commercial farmers in Ghana need to be addressed through innovative scientific approaches. Even in seasons of abundant water, knowledge on appropriate use is very limited. The use of satellite and remote sensing data to assist farmers in their decision-making is thus essential for improved productivity, high yields and improvement in their economic livelihoods.

Robust delivery channels will be deployed to provide  agro-climatic knowledge and link  multiple actors along and across the agricultural value chain for an improved and sustainable market access and food security.

Further  information on the Building Viable Delivery Models for ICT4Ag by CTA can be found here.

For discussions with Syecomp Ltd, contact:

Edem Patience Pomary-Alifo (HR/Communications Manager)

Email: epomary@syecomp.com / sallavi@syecomp.com

Phone: +233 20 1442191

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