Making Investments in African Agriculture-ONE Report, 2013

Sub-Saharan African agriculture could, and should, be thriving. According to the World Bank, the region has the right conditions to feed itself: enough fertile farmland, enough water and enough favourable climates.
According to the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), the Africa Progress Panel and others, Africa has the potential not only to feed itself, but also to become a major food supplier for the rest of the world. Unlocking Africa’s agriculture potential would also unlock its development. Farming is Africa’s predominant livelihood: more than two-thirds of Africans depend on agriculture for their incomes. Investing in agriculture is one of the best ways to reduce poverty in Africa. According to World Bank analysis, growth in the agriculture sector is 2.5 times as effective at reducing poverty as growth in other sectors.

Find below the full report for download and further reading. It was published on 8th March, 2013.


It is also freely downloadable on the widget.

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