Brief Report On The First Strategic Physical Meeting Of GYIN- GHANA Team Leads Held At The Maquis Tante Marie Restaurant, Labone-Accra

TIME: 1630 to 1930 GMT

Our strategic meeting was to enable us discuss, review, consolidate and adopt the proposed National Action plans drafted for GYIN Ghana Operations with reference to our Short-term implementation framework.

The meeting came off effectively including skype participation by team members who could not make it to the venue in person. We did encounter some challenges however in actively engaging those members participating in the discussions via skype due to technical issues and limited time allotted for the meeting.

Effectively, we agreed on building strong partnerships and collaborations with local institutions and government to spearhead the youth development agenda and to enable us fulfill the aim of the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN). Further, we are assigning specific timelines and responsibilities for the success of all GYIN Ghana activities proposed.

The house unanimously agreed that office space accommodation is essential to giving much greater visibility and excellent reputation for the Chapter as captured in the National Action Plan. As such IFAD Accra Office support is very much needed in this respect. However, as the request is pending, we will make use of a temporary office space sourced by one of the Team Leaders, Donald Makafui Diaba of Ehub-Ghana for the operations of the Chapter.

Finally, the strategy for the “I’m a GYINer” Campaign was critically debated and we came to a consensus: There will be a formal media launch of GYIN Ghana Chapter in 4 months time and prior to that we will undertake the “I’m A GYINer” Campaign and partnership-building process concurrently. The tentative date for the campaign launch date is 17th July, 2012.

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You may download the full report of the meeting here or from the downloadable widget: Brief Report- GYIN Ghana First Strategic Meeting

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