Let’s Keep Track of Policy Implementation-6

The Government of Ghana has introduced variety of measures to improve agricultural productivity in Ghana. Notable amongst these is the redefining of the outdated Food & Agricultural Development Policy (FASDEP I) in FASDEP II to address the loopholes and inefficiencies in the former.

In each subsequent update of this blog, we will look at each policy document and delve on some of the issues and strategies for achieving them.


The public sector has dominated the delivery of services in agriculture. However, expansion and transformation of the sector requires greater involvement of the private sector as a whole.


  • Initial policies  did not work
  • Weak coordination between donors has led to unnecessary overlap in projects and to project exit strategies that have not worked
  • Public-private sector collaboration in the agricultural sector has been limited


The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) will lead the way in coordinating and harmonizing the activities of Municipal and District Assemblies and donors. The Ministry will:

  • Strengthen coordination within the sector and between ministries
  • Develop and carry out a communications strategy to improve coordination
  • Strengthen the coordination of activities among diverse stakeholders in agriculture
  • Mainstream donor project activities into the ministries intervention so that they complement each other
  • Carry out its roles in advocacy, collaboration and coordination within the laws and regulations of the country

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