Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) – Update on Funding for Youth Entrepreneurs in Ghana (GYIN Ghana)

In October 2011, Youth entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators were invited to attend an international conference and fair in Cotonou, Benin. The conference brought sixty six (66) carefully screened young people from different parts of the world, to represent their countries. Hundreds of youth in Benin also flooded to the conference in support. The Benin Conference became the turning point for youth entrepreneurship and innovation across the globe, when it gave birth to what is now known as the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN).

GYIN is a youth-led worldwide organization that motivates, mentor and support youth entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives. GYIN is managed by a steering committee of 12 proactive young people from all continents, who constitute what is called the Youth Advisory Group (YAG). GYIN’s General assembly is made up of 60 Ambassadors from all over the world, who are responsible for identifying and initiating programmes by youth that need GYIN support.

GYIN has been supported at the onset by two organizations, Phelps Stokes Foundation in Washington in the United States of America (USA), and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) – a United Nations Specialized Agency in Rome, Italy. GYIN also received endorsement and the support of the Government of Benin. In February 2012, Phelps Stokes and IFAD pledged to donate US$1 250 000 as seed money that will support youth-led initiatives across the world. GYIN is also partnering with other international donors to increase this fund which has been named the Global Youth Innovation Fund (GYIF).

All young people who have good ideas to start sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives or already engaged in any youth-led sustainable income generating enterprise, especially in Agriculture will be able to apply for funding from GYIN. Youth can join GYIN on its website or  visit us on our facebook page  . You may follow us on twitter @GYIN1.

GYIN comes at a very important time in our life as young persons. It seeks to address the ever elusive progress in Africa and beyond that can best be driven by visionary youth. GYIN scores out the traditional exclusion of young people in mainstream business and policy advocacy, reinforcing the need to drive economies through innovation and technological advancements initiated by young people. It builds young farmers who will produce foods sufficient for our present generational needs without impacting on the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs. Such is the world we seek.

To know more about and join GYIN in Ghana, please visit this blog often. If you are residing in Ghana and wish to be part of it and to benefit from its numerous support initiatives contact the GYIN Ambassador in Ghana, Solomon Elorm Allavi here: or .

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