Good Seed-High yielding; Available market

Seed Deterioration

Seed is a living matter and if not handled and stored properly it deteriorates and gets damaged.

Main reasons for deterioration are:

– high temperature in storage area

– high humidity in storage area

– high moisture content of seed

– improper packing

– seed is not cleaned or treated

– presence of pests and diseases

– natural short-lived seed variety

– incorrect chemicals used for treatment

Proper Handling and Storage of Seed 

When receiving seed bags, it must be ensured that these are properly labeled and different seeds stacked separately

• Bags should not be dropped or thrown around – seed may split

• Heavy items should not be placed on seed bags during transportation or storage

• Seed bags should be stored on palettes or dunnage in dry, well ventilated stores

• First in, first out (FIFO) inventory system should be maintained

. Weevils, rodents and other pests must be controlled

• Efforts should be made to avoid extreme temperatures during storage

• Recommended moisture content of seeds (~12%) should be maintained; over 14% mold growth may occur and below 5% seed is damaged due to desiccation

• High humidity in store must be avoided

• Chemicals that emit vapors may damage seed and should be stored separately

• Seed should not be sold from  open bags


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