Reversing Africa’s cocoa paradox: A new call to action

“What’s the brain surgery in making chocolates? The price of cocoa beans always falls, but never the price of chocolates” – Akinwumi Adesina, President, African Development Bank Around the world, chocolate in all shapes and sizes symbolize Easter and bring joy to millions of kids and adults alike. And the demand for chocolate will most likely continue to increase, according… Read more →

Weather Forecast (April 04, 2018): Agona Swedru

Weather Forecast for, Agona Swedru (5.53, -0.70)-in Central Region: Very hot during the day (34C) and warm at night (24C). It will rain (76% chance), wind is normal (3km). Wish to subscribe for location-specific weather forecast for your farming community? Contact the Weather Service Provider at Email: Farmer Helpline: 0500000996 Read more →

Tried our advertising packages yet?

Do you know Agricinghana Media has some pretty awesome and affordable advertising packages for agribusinesses? We go beyond ads to provide in-depth strategic communication support for agricultural projects, summative evaluation of agricultural interventions, and deliver relevant rural impact messaging. We deploy at scale: 1/ Content-driven advertisements; 2/ Direct promotional ads; 3/ Institutional project support and communication services; 4/ Agribusiness financing… Read more →

Fall Armyworm-Agronomic Tips for Maize Crop

Fall Armyworm (FAW) causes damage by feeding on both vegetative and reproductive structures. FAW on Maize Damage to the leaves of maize does not necessarily cause a loss of yield because the plant is able to compensate for at least some loss of leaf area. This may lead to inaccurate perceptions of loss, and economically unnecessary interventions. Numerous synthetic pesticides… Read more →

“BAN” on Frozen Carcass Importation: An Illusion or Reality?

Opinion Piece written by: Osmond E. Datsomor and Louis-Opoku Mensah The Government of Ghana (GOG), according to Dr. Gyiele Nurah – Minister of State at the Presidency in charge of Food and Agriculture has instituted a “ban” on the importation of frozen carcass into the country. He said this at the 2nd Poultry Value Chain (POVAC) fair held in Sunyani. This… Read more →

Mr Minister, these technologies already exist (in Ghana)

We read from a recent publication on Ghanaweb where the Minister of State in charge of Agriculture, Dr. Gyiele Nurah stated that the Planting for Foods and Jobs (PFJ) programme will not achieve significant increase in agricultural production without the application of science and technology in the farming system. This is a very insightful statement echoing the need for the farming… Read more →

Press Release: Agrofood Nigeria

The 4th agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria 2018 presents more innovations than ever before!  Record number of 140+ exhibitors (+30%) from 21 countries and 10 official national pavilions!    (Heidelberg / Lagos) Nigeria’s 4th International Trade Show on Agriculture, Food, Plastics, Printing and Packaging – agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria – is continuing its success story. Taking place on 27 to 29… Read more →

Need an agrochemical spraying drone for your farm? Talk to Acquahmeyer Aviation

Ghana’s  AcquahMeyer Aviation is leading the drone revolution with the deployment of crop spraying drones for the country’s farming sector. The company, also having a branch in Germany, has in stock DigitalEagle  YM-6160 and YM-6180 agricultural spray drones. These professional drones are for automated spraying of agrochemical products on varying farm parcel sizes: small, medium to large hectares.    … Read more →

Ghana’s Cropping Calendar Available at Agricinghana Media

Increasing variability in cropping patterns and climate impact requires having scientific knowledge of crop seasonality from a trusted source. Agricinghana Media, your strategic specialised media organisation for Ghana’s agricultural sector, has available a comprehensive Crop Calendar for Ghana localised to all districts. This crop calendar is used by medium to large scale commercial enterprises, insurance companies, financial institutions, and agribusiness… Read more →

Weather Forecast (March 22, 2018): Atebubu

  Thursday, March 22, 2018– Weather forecast for Atebubu (Brong Ahafo Region) of Ghana: Very hot during the day (34C) and warm at night (23C). It is likely to rain (52% chance), wind is normal (3km). To subscribe for location-specific weather information for your farming community, email: or Call the Farmer Helpline: 0500000996 Read more →