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Financing Ghana’s Smallholder Farmers-Scoping Question

What is the average input financing (labour, crop protection products, fertilisers, other essential services) need of a Ghanaian farmer with 1 acre of farm per cropping season? Estimate a fair rate. Either for cash crop and/or food crop cultivation. Same question applicable to livestock farmers and fishers. Kindly email your responses to: Editor@agricinghana.com or Call the Farmer Helpline: 0500000996 If… Read more →

Linking Rice Farmers to Markets- The ICT Works of SYECOMP BUSINESS SERVICES in Ghana

Most agricultural development projects in Ghana traditionally address the supply-side and usually focus on crop productivity issues (increased use of improve seeds, fertilizers and improved agronomic practices). Few address the demand or marketing side that ensures that the increased production find its way to the markets without adverse effects on prices and incomes of farmers and other stakeholders in the… Read more →