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Enhancing Rural Farm Productivity in Ghana: Digital Solutions

SyeComp is spearheading efforts in satellite-derived geodata enabled precision agriculture services in Africa. As an Earth Observation Technology company, the company strives to support smallholder African farmers and agribusinesses with localised digital solutions to create sustainable and profitable agrifood systems and promote smart sourcing ( traceability) solutions. The company’s onerous objective is to help commodity producer clients reach a high… Read more →

Outsourcing Sector Key to Digital Job Creation in Ghana

The Foundation recently convened leaders in Ghana’s ICT sector, government and civil society to discuss opportunities and strategies for the country’s high potential but disadvantaged youth to work in digital jobs. This roundtable was one in a series of country-level discussions that the Foundation is hosting as it commences its Digital Jobs Africa initiative. The roundtable was attended by major… Read more →