Water and weather monitoring services for cocoa farmers in Ghana

Project description

Aim: Improving access to reliable information from water and weather forecasts, based on data from on-the-ground monitoring stations as well as satellite data with cocoa as the primary aim.

Objective: To help farmers better manage their crops.

Method: To deploy a self-supporting climate observation system that consist of a low-cost weathers station combined with mobile information services.

Country: Ghana.

Dutch policy goal: Increased sustainable agricultural production.

Duration: 01 November 2014 – 14 October 2016

Project Summary: To help cocoa farmers better manage their crops, it’s necessary to have a reliable weather forecast
based on data from on-the-ground weather monitoring stations. Currently this data is unavailable in large parts of Africa.
In this project a self-supporting climate observation system will be deployed in Ghana, based on lowcost, high-precision, weather sensors, sending information to a web-based data server using cellphone technology. These innovative weather stations will measure meteorological and water resource
variables, which will subsequently be communicated to farmers via mobile information services.
The combination of these two innovations: low-cost weather station combined with mobile information
services will foster economic development and food security by enabling local smallholders to better manage their limited resources and increase productivity.
Furthermore, this data combined with current satellite-data will help fill the gaps in current hydrological models, improve meteorological forecasts and provide more insight into the water cycle, while modernizing agriculture in Ghana.

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