Satellite-based Information Services for Cocoa Farmers ( SATCocoa)

Objectives: SATCocoa SDI as a digital service aims to deploy remotely sensed satellite imagery to provide localised and context-specific information for smallholder cocoa farmers in West Africa, starting from Ghana.

SATCocoa broadly aims at developing a digital service that prepares, manages and monitors Farm Development Plans for individual cocoa farmers. The service uses satellite imagery and digital tools to make the individual Farm Development Plans more accurate, impactful and affordable. Satellite data will determine soil conditions, vicinity of rivers or forests and plant conditions, prior to  visiting the farmstead. The offered
digital service will also monitor Farm Development Plans more efficiently and in a scalable manner.

SATCocoa will develop a an SDI for Ghana’s Cocoa sector.

The project involves

¬ digitisation of rural smallholder cocoa farms,

¬ farm parcel mapping,

¬ localised agronomic advisory, and

¬ training of Extension Personnel.

Budget: tba

Location: Cocoa growing communities in Ghana ( Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Western, and Volta Region)

Implemented by: SyeComp


Duration: 2018-2024