Ghana Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Project (AgNRM)

The Feed the Future (FtF) Ghana Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Project (AgNRM) is a five-year, $24,900,000 program that will run from May 2, 2016, to April 30, 2021. It is the main vehicle within the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Ghana FtF portfolio to address issues of environment and natural resource management in the north of Ghana.

AgNRM is implemented by Winrock International in partnership with TechnoServe (TNS), Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC), and Center for Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies (CECOTAPS).

The project supports USAID|Ghana’s Development Objective 2 and the Ghana FtF Multi- Year Strategy. Winrock’s AgNRM approach builds on USAID’s resilience strategy and its investments in the FtF Zone of Influence (ZOI). The approach focuses on mutually reinforcing, systemic changes that align with and augment the Government of Ghana (GoG) Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy, and the Nature, Wealth and Power (NWP) framework. The conceptual model adds health as a fourth dimension to that framework. This
ensures integration of food security and water systems and highlights the importance of these
factors to nutrition and resilience.

The Winrock AgNRM team will achieve the project goal of poverty reduction through sustainable increases in wealth and nutrition from natural and non-traditional agriculture products by addressing environmental, agricultural, governance, and natural resource management challenges.

The AgNRM project interventions are expected to result in transformative change:

¬ Adoption of improved practices,

¬ Technologies, and behaviors;

¬ Better functioning value chains and governance structures;

¬ More equitable access to land and resources; and

¬ Increased capacity of organizations to improve natural resource management,

¬ Address drivers of environmental degradation, and

¬ Enhance rural livelihoods.


AgNRM project activities are being implemented under four project outcomes:

1) Increased Incomes from Natural Resource Products;

2) Improved Food and Nutritional Security;

3) Increased Farmer and Community Security/Access to Land and Natural Resources; and

4) Strengthened Environmental Stewardship.

Project Budget: US$24,900,000

Project Duration: May 2, 2016 to April 30, 2021

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