Agricultural Policies

Food and Agricultural Sector Development Program II (FASDEP_II)

Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA)

Medium Term Agricultural Sector Investment Plan 2011-2015 (METASIP_2011-2015)

State of the Nation Address 2016-President John Mahama

National Policy on Public Private Partnerships [PPP_Policy] Ghana

Fisheries Act 2002-Act 625-Ghana

BANK OF GHANA Agric. policy – 2004 Final_Agricinghana

Agriculture in Ghana-Facts-and-Figures-2015

Agriculture in Ghana (Facts and Figures) 2012

Agriculture in Ghana-Facts and Figures-2010

MoFA Extension Policy 2002

EPA Act (Act 490)



GIPC Act 865 (2013)

Internal Revenue Act (Act 592) Amendment 2013

Internal Revenue Act (Act 592, 2000)

Labour Act (Act 651, 2003)

Land Registry Act 1962 (Act 122)

Land Title Registration Act (PNDCL 152, 1986)

Practical Handbook for Managing Cassave Diseases, Pests and Nutritional Disorders

Cassava production and processing (2016)


Resource List: Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ)

PFJ-Commencement of Fertilizer Subsidy Programme_Agricinghana

PFJ-Draft WorkPlan_Agricinghana

PFJ-Fertilizer Subsidy Programme_ Information for Stakeholders_Agricinghana

Position Paper-Mainstreaming  Gender and Youth in Agriculture in Ghana

Revised(1) Position Paper-Final Paper printed-Syecomp Ghana Ltd

Policy Brief – Hunger Alliance Project 

HAG Policy Brief on Land Reforms

Hunger Alliance Policy Brief on Planing for Food and Jobs


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