Fisheries and Aquaculture

Establishing Tilapia farms using cage culture techniques

Fish is an important component of the Ghanaian diet. It constitutes 60% of animal protein intake with per capita consumption of 26 kg/yr. Current consumption is estimated at 1 million metric tonnes (MT), made up of 500,000 MT local production (catches at sea and through aquaculture production) leaving a deficit that is met by imports at a cost of $400,000 annually.

There is therefore an opportunity to establish tilapia farms using cage farming to meet the huge deficit and taking advantage of the favourable environmental conditions. These include;

¬ The Volta Lake, which covers an area of 8500 sq. km and

¬ The Volta River that stretches 50km into the sea.

¬ The over 300 small dams, dug outs and reservoirs nationwide, and

¬ Favourable all year round climatic condition

¬ Net margins of 30% and more

Fish Feed

Establishment of factories for the manufacture of feed for tilapia fish There is a high and increasing demand for tilapia feed.

Currently most of the feed is imported and there is the need to manufacture feed locally. Strategic options include signing supply contracts with major fish farmers to ensure sales (US$100,000 – US$2m).

Cold storage

Establishment of cold storage facilities and operation of cold trucks for distribution of tilapia.

There is the need to establish cold storage facilities in the major fish farming areas especially along the Volta river to hold fish, prior to transportation. Commercially operated cold trucks are lacking and this is a necessary investment for the industry (US$ 100,0000 – US$ 200,000).

Additionally, there is room for establishment of cold stores in the major cities for wholesale and retail of tilapia (US$100,000 – US$2m)

Available Institutional Supports

Kindly check the policies page on Agricinghana

¬ Fisheries Act, 2002 (Act 625) Regulates the practice of aquaculture

¬ The national aquaculture strategic framework 2006

¬ Ghana national aquaculture development plan (GNADP) 2013

¬ The tilapia Volta Project (TIVO) 2006

¬ Fisheries and aquaculture Policy 2008

¬ Fisheries regulations LI 1968 of 2010

¬ West African regional fisheries programme in Ghana 2011

¬ Existing policy of allocating 5% of irrigation areas to aquaculture


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