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2020 is International Year of Plant Health. Join Us

We welcome the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH2020) with periodic rounds of informative and educational news content from Editors and journalists of Agricinghana Media and unique insights from our Annual Institutional Partners. We will be sharing experiences, insights, feelings, as well as beautiful photos about the importance of plant health in Ghana and across Africa. Additionally, we will cover… Read more →

Procurement of Insecticides for Fall Armyworm (FAW) Management

MINISTRY FOR FOOD AND AGRICULTURE (MOFA) INVITATION FOR TENDERS / NATIONAL COMPETITIVE TENDER  PROCUREMENT OF INSECTICIDES FOR FALL ARMYWORM MANAGEMENT   Contract Identification No.: MOFA/GoG/GE/NCT/2020/01 1. The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, as part of the Planting for Food and Jobs Program, intends to apply parts of its Budgetary Allocation to fund eligible payments under the… Read more →

Arrigoni Green Solution against excessive rainfalls and insects in cherry growing

Through PROTECTA® and PROTECTA® SYSTEM the future of healthy fruits without pesticides. (Como, March 27, 2019) Cherry cultivation is one of the most complex and delicate crops. Like other fruits such as kiwi, peach or plum, it can suffer important negative effects from excessive rainfall, increasingly common in the season of fruit ripening (starting from the second decade of May).… Read more →

Practical training to boost agricultural yields at Ghana’s first Value Added Agriculture Expo

Ghanaian farmers, agro-processors and aquaculture companies will get expert practical advice on improved farming methods for better yields at Ghana’s first Value Added Agriculture Expo in August. The Value Added Agriculture Expo West Africa, and SMARTFactories expo, will bring local and international experts to Accra to present the latest trends and techniques for improved farming and agro-processing. In the Farmers’… Read more →

Advisory Tips: Fall Armyworm (FAW) on Farms

We have received reports ( from farmers) of the emergence of Fall Armyworm across some farming communities in Ghana. Note: Fall Armyworm (FAW) causes damage by feeding on both vegetative and reproductive structures of crops. Remember: Early detection of fall armyworm infestation on your farm is key. Make sure you undertake effective monitoring and use the threshold criteria to determine… Read more →