2020 Brazil Agrishow Stakeholders’ Meeting

CEO of GIPC, Yoofi Grant (first from left), contributing to discussions

A stakeholders’ meeting on Brazil Agrishow which will be taking place from March 27 to May 1, 2020 in Brazil has been held in Accra. The meeting was organised by Agrihouse Foundation in collaboration with the Brazilian Embassy, with the purpose of creating awareness and briefing potential participants. The session brought together representatives from the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Ghana Free Zones Authority, the Private sector and various actors from the agricultural sector.

The Second Secretary at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Marco Sparano, reiterated the need to take advantage of all opportunities along the agricultural value chain in promoting economic growth. He entreated stakeholders in the sector in Ghana to adopt Brazil’s technological innovations in agriculture especially in the area of storage. Responding to a question on access to credit facilities by Brazilian smallholder farmers, Mr Sparano said government subsidies, credit policies and other deliberate policies are crucial in addressing the challenge of lack of access to credit facilities by smallholder farmers. He encouraged stakeholders in the Ghanaian agricultural sector to take full advantage of the business opportunities in this year’s Agrishow.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Mr Yoofi Grant, said projects such as planting and rearing for food and jobs are evidence of government’s commitment to transforming agriculture in Ghana. He urged the private sector to take part in this year’s Agrishow, adding that GIPC is ready to facilitate and create the linkages needed for a successful participation in the event.

The 27th edition of the event in Brazil is expected to bring together agricultural solutions to challenges along the agricultural value chain, whiles showcasing modern technological trends and innovations in agribusiness.

News Source: Agricinghana Media| Editor@agricinghana.com

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