2020 is International Year of Plant Health. Join Us

We welcome the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH2020) with periodic rounds of informative and educational news content from Editors and journalists of Agricinghana Media and unique insights from our Annual Institutional Partners.

We will be sharing experiences, insights, feelings, as well as beautiful photos about the importance of plant health in Ghana and across Africa.

Additionally, we will cover how rural farmers in Ghana are finding innovative local solutions to improving plant health and adapting to variability on climate and weather farming conditions with minimal external support.

Agricinghana Media have deep conviction that plant health protection can help end hunger, reduce farmer poverty, protect biodiversity and the environment, and drive socio-economic development of rural communities in Ghana. Other topics in the conversation will be Data Driven Plant Health led by agronomists and experts from the Remote Sensing technology company, SyeComp.

Join us as we drive this exciting and productive year with insightful agricultural news and conversation. Get our free news app from Google Playstore and/or freely subscribe on our news website so you do not miss out on the conversation.

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