Need for a Fix: Agricultural Policies on Land Use and Ownership in Ghana

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Land ownership and its associate problems continue to hinder commercial agriculture activities in Ghana. Local chiefs, family lands, and community village heads are still a threat to land access and development for commercial agricultural activities in the country.

Agricultural policies on land use and ownership remains a key factor if we aim to efficiently revolutionise our nascent agriculture sector to improve our rural economy and to make it profitable and sustainable for millions of farmers, investors, and the citizenry at large.

The cost, acquisition and development of large scale fields cannot be left at the whims of village chiefs and family heads who tend to increasingly frustrate investors and budding young farmers. It is our hope that the over-a-decade Lands Administration Project ( LAP 1, LAP 2, etc) which was intended to help address some of these bottlenecks would achieve its objectives.

It is a truism that commercial agriculture lands is shrinking in Ghana making way for real estates hard infrastructure. There’s the need for a policy focus on setting up land banks to check these else we may face food insecure future in the next few decades.

We need to think anew, and act anew!

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