Agrihouse Foundation and MoFA Lead Delegation to Agrishow in Brazil

Agrihouse Foundation and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture are currently in Ribeirao, Brazil with a strong Ghanaian contingent to participate in the 26th edition of Agrishow.

A 17-Member Delegation, led by the Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, Hon. Sagre Bambangi and Alberta Akyaa Akosa, the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation are in the South American country to represent Ghana at the event.

Representatives from, Ghana Investment Promotion Council, Ghana Commodity Exchange, Jospong Group, Accra Company and Recycling and Ghana Commercial Agric Project left the country over the weekend to be part of the annual agriculture showpiece.

Agrishow is the one of the world’s largest Agriculture trade event. It brings together agricultural solutions and technologies for all types of agribusiness and related sector needs.

With over 800 national and international brands from different investment segments across the globe participating, the Ghanaian contingent has a unique opportunity to meet and create mutually beneficial partnership with peers along the agribusiness value chain. This year’s event will highlight all the latest products, services and technology that is available to stakeholders in the world of agriculture.

Participants from Ghana are drawn from  Government Agencies, Organisations, Investors, Poultry and Livestock, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Producers, Packaging and Processing, Producers, Inputs Dealers, ICT, Finance and individuals with interest in the agricultural industry .

The focus of this event is expected to position the Ghanaian delegation for greater impact. Particularly for those looking to enhance their businesses through strategic partnerships, networking and exchange of ideas, Ghana has the platform to draw the rest of the world’s attention to the investment opportunities in the country’s agribusiness industry

The team will during the course of the four day event participate in:

> Exhibitions
> Field Trips and Demonstrations
> Business Presentations and Investments
> Business – to – Business Meetings
> Formal Technical and Practical Training workshops and conferences

The 4-day event is expected to host over 160,000 visitors-an improvement on the $808 million businesses initiated last year at the fair- to create opportunities for participants to make new contacts and promote their brands.

What this means is that Agrishow is going to be a gathering of all who matter in agribusiness around the globe with a solitary goal of identifying new investment opportunities, groundbreaking technologies, partnerships and acquiring requisite knowledge to succeed. Ghana will have the opportunity to make an investment presentation to the world’s topmost investors in agribusiness on Thursday May 2, 2019.

The private companies participating will also get to meet peers from other parts of the world looking for collaborations and partnerships around the world.

Hon. Sagre,  had this to say prior to travelling to Brazil: “We are going to Brazil to sell to the rest of the world the good news about investing in agribusiness in Ghana and we believe the world will have no choice than to look at Ghana.”

He indicated that with government’s commitment towards changing agriculture in the country and using it as a tool for improving the livelihood of the people, there so much to share to the world.

Hon. Sagre Bambangi , Deputy Minister of Agriculture

Mrs Akosa assured delegates of her organization’s commitment towards ensuring their comfort and access to all the information and contacts needed to make the trip successful.

Agrihouse Foundation, Ghana’s leading pro-agric event firm is the liaison organization between Ghana and the organizers for the 2019 edition of Agrishow.

The delegation is expected to return to Accra on the May 4, 2019.

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