Why Ghana’s cocoa receive a premium

Cocoa from Ghana. Image Credit: SyeComp

Fermentation is a unique transformation of food products. This is because it doesn’t involve any applied heat.

This is food and drink made strictly through the action of bacteria and fungi. They perform all the transformations that normally we need heat to make it happen.

A lot of fermented food is on the aisle of most supermarkets and shoppers barely notice.

Chocolate makes no exception

Fermenting the cocoa beans anywhere from 3 to 7 days is a crucial step in the making of any chocolate product because it has a HUGE influence on how the chocolate will taste, and how its intrinsic flavors and aromas develop.

Cocoa from Ghana

Ghana’s cocoa tend to undergo manual painstaking processes, including 3-7 days fermentation phase, before the beans is readied for export to chocolate manufacturers.

The personalised methodologies Ghanaian cocoa farmers adopt to ferment their beans before it is dried and packaged tend to make cocoa from Ghana meet the premium requirements, giving extra bonuses to farmers. Ghana Cocoa Board ( COCOBOD), the regulatory agency also do a great job with strict Quality Control measures.

Next time, you taste the delicious  chocolate, note that Ghana produces the best cocoa beans and acknowledged globally 🙂

News Source: Agricinghana Media

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