SyeComp: Scaling Geo-traceability in Ghana’s Agricultural Value Chains

What is geo-traceability ?
Traceability is the ability to trace the path of a product or batch of products in a particular food chain.

The global economy has moved towards data-driven approaches to working. BIG Data is giving rise to a dynamic and agile new economy and emerging economies especially in Africa being major producers of (exportable) food commodities cannot be left behind. Technology companies like SyeComp has over the years propelled the capturing and processing of information on smallholder food producers across various commodity value chains such as cocoa, coffee, cashew, palm oil, fruits, nuts, grains, root and tubers, vegetables, etc.

At SyeComp, we work to expand the digital footprint of smallholder farmers, put them on the map and help agribusinesses/organisations engage with them efficiently and cost effectively amidst complex supply chains.

SyeComp helps organisations and agribusinesses collect data on smallholder farmers with smart digital tools with in-built localised and customisable forms for field data capture.

Data Ownership
Smallholder farmers own their data. Consent form is signed at the start of any field data capture process undertaken by SyeComp.

With the use of a consent form, the individual consents to disclose personal information allowing SyeComp to host it in line with relevant country Data Protection guidelines and make it available to our customer(s) for a specific usage disclosed before the authorisation is given. All our customers and any third-party accessing the data must therefore comply with the stated provisions in the consent form.

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About SyeComp:
Syecomp specializes in the acquisition, processing, analysis and synthesis of imagery from remotely sensed satellites and multispectral image data from drones to monitor field crops/vegetative status and identify and mitigate potential diseases across fields in Sub-Saharan Africa. With operational presence in Ghana and Kenya, SyeComp sought to put satellite derived information and geospatial mapping solutions in the hands of millions of farmers and agribusiness clients on a continual basis to incorporate into their on or off-farm decision-making processes.
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