Job Vacancy: General Manager-Nature’s Best Farms (NBF)

Job Vacancy

General Manager-Nature’s Best Farms

Company Profile

Nature’s Best Farms (NBF) is a privately owned Limited Liability Company registered under the Companies code, 1963 (ACT 179) and certified to Commence Business in August 2017. Nature’s Best Farms is a 20,000 bird capacity midsize commercial poultry farm that engages in a primary activity of layer poultry farming, where egg laying poultry birds are raised for the purpose of commercial egg production, poultry meat and processed poultry products. The eggs are sold directly to vendors who make their purchases on the farm, as well as, in the farm’s retail stores.

NBF also transforms eggs into egg powder and packages the powder for household consumption and for commercial entities such as bakeries, restaurants, hotels and educational institutions. The farm also owns several acres of land which it uses for agricultural farming purposes. The store is located at Kasoa (New Market) in the Central Region of Ghana and the farm is located at Ojobi, in the Awutu Bereku District of the Central Region of Ghana.

Job Description

Nature’s Best Farms seeks to employ an experienced General Manager, who is dependable; detail-oriented; self-motivated; has excellent communication skills (oral and writing) writing skills, a strong work ethic as well as an extraordinarily impeccable sense of integrity and honesty. The applicant will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the farm and will use his or her knowledge in Marketing to skillfully develop reliable sales leads for the farm’s products.

General Manager Position Reports Directly To: President and Chief Executive Officer (Proprietor).

The position also requires basic bookkeeping skills and a proficiency in using Microsoft Excel to record daily accounting transactions and Microsoft Word for word processing. Other important requirements are the use of the internet for research purposes, the use of communication applications like WhatsApp to send daily messages to proprietor who lives abroad.

The General Manager will, on a daily basis, seek ways to improve efficiency in the operations of the farm, continuously identify new sources of revenue while keeping keep costs to their absolutely lowest possible levels. In addition, the General Manager has responsibility for the performance management of all direct and indirect reports.

This implies that the applicant will be accountable for the performance, productivity and professional conduct of all employees of Nature’s Best Farms and he or she will have the authority to hire and terminate any employee whose performance is not consistent with the requirements of his or her position.

¬ Direct Reports: Position will have supervisory responsibilities over the following employees: Caterer (Store Manager – Vacant), Poultry Farm Manager.

¬ Indirect Reports: Production Assistants (4); Cleaner (1); Security Guard (1); Catering Assistant (1 – Vacant); Store Assistant (1 – Vacant), Temporary Workers (as needed).


Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting

¬ Reporting: Report key operating statistics on a daily basis to proprietor through the WhatsApp messaging application.

¬ Microsoft (Excel & Word): Accurately record all sales and purchases in an Excel spreadsheet and submit the spreadsheet to the proprietor, upon request, for review.

¬ Procurement: Make purchases of all poultry and non-poultry related items and accurately record such purchases in the farm’s accounting records. This includes but not limited to, the purchase of feed, water, medications, materials for construction work and any other items needed for the farm.

¬ Paying Bills: Ensure that utility bills as well as bills from all other vendors are paid promptly.

¬ Property Inventory: Keep an accurate and up-to-date record of all the assets (equipment, tools, etc.) owned by the farm.

¬ Collecting, Grading and Accounting of Eggs: Monitor the daily collection, grading and accounting for the number of eggs. This includes accurately accounting for the daily inventory of all unsold eggs both on the farm and in the stores.

¬ Eggs Sales: Responsible for daily egg sales and ensure that the quantity of eggs sold matches the daily cash collected.

¬ Payroll: Responsible for preparing monthly payroll for employees and accounting for all deductions including taxes and social security contributions.

Marketing and Sales

Acquisition and Nurturing of Customer Relationships: The ideal candidate will be responsible for the acquisition of customers and will be expected to continuously nurture the relationship with existing customers. This function requires that the applicant uses multiple marketing channels (traditional and contemporary) to reach the farm’s main target markets – household, street vendors, store retailers, educational institutions, restaurants and supermarkets.

Animal Husbandry

¬ Work Closely With Production Manager and Veterinary Consultant: The General Manager will interact and collaborate very closely with the Production Manager and Veterinary Consultants to determine the farm’s need for feed, medication and other products needed for the sustenance of the birds and for the operation of the farm.

¬ Reporting Mortality and Accurate Bird Inventory: Provide a daily report to the Proprietor on an accurate and up-to-date record of the mortality and the number of birds available.

¬ Work With Production Manager and Veterinary Consultant to Prevent Spread of Illnesses: Work closely with the Production Manager and Veterinary Consultant – on all issues pertaining to the health of the birds – to promptly and effectively treat any illnesses to prevent the illness from spreading.

¬ Rewarding Hard Work: At Nature’s Best Farms (NBF), we know that our employees work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best support and care they possibly can. Therefore, we are proud to offer competitive compensation plus bonus packages to reward our hardworking employees.

Compensation and Benefits

A competitive salary package commensurate with experience and qualifications will be negotiated for the right applicant. Room and Board will be provided. Mobile phone with access to the internet and equipped with WhatsApp messaging application will be provided.

Required Skills or Experience

¬ Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Management or any related field.

¬ Accounting/Bookkeeping 2 years or more

¬ Sales: 2 years or more

¬ Marketing 2 Years or more


¬ Higher National Diploma (HND) Accounting/Bookkeeping 3 years or more

¬ Sales: 3 years or more

¬ Marketing 3 Years or more

Desired Skills and Expectations

¬ Familiarity With Ghana Revenue Service Regulations: Knowledge of or the desire to learn the Ghana Internal Revenue Service’s regulations on calculating and paying business and personal income.

¬ Familiarity With SSNIT Regulations: Knowledge of or the desire to learn the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) regulations on calculating and paying social security taxes for employees.

¬ Marketing Skills: Excellent graphic design skills for designing fliers, billboard and other promotional materials.

¬ Making Large Scale Bulk Sales: Sales Experience working in the poultry industry or making bulk sales to large supermarkets, restaurants, educational institutions and other retailers of poultry products.

¬ Prior Sales Experience: Prior sales experience (minimum of 2 years) preferred Customer Service Skills: Successfully resolve all customer complaints as well as disputes with service providers (Electricity, Water etc.)

¬ Electronic Communication Skills: Proficiency in the use of WhatsApp as a communication tool and the internet as a research tool is required.

¬ Work under Pressure: Must be able to multi-task and work in a very high pressure environment.

¬ Scheduling Workers: Responsible for preparing work and day-off schedules for employees.

¬ Work with Government Agencies, Network and Build Relationships: Have a good understanding of the inner workings of government agencies. Deal with all business related paperwork at the District, Regional and National levels of government.

¬ Hiring Good Quality Workers: Responsible for hiring farm production assistants and any other employees needed for the smooth operation of the farm.

¬ Flexible With Work Hours: Willingness to work six days a week and be flexible with work hours, if necessary.

¬ Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as proficiency in the use of WhatsApp messaging application as a means of daily with communication with Proprietor. It is also important that the applicant is proficient in the use of the internet for research as well as for the purposes of writing emails to send daily reports to the Proprietor upon request.

¬ Management Skills: Strong planning, organization, and time management skills

¬ Creating Accounting Records: Extraordinarily Proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel (and Word) to create and maintain accounting records.

¬ Frequent travel between Farm and Store: The nature of this position requires that the General Manager travel frequently between the farm located at Ojobi (12 miles or 20 kilometers from Kasoa) and the Store which is located at Kasoa New Market (5 miles or 8 kilometers from Kasoa).

¬ All other duties as assigned by the Proprietor

How To Apply

If you are interested in this position and have the required experience and qualifications please follow the guidelines below to submit your application:

¬ In your email, please insert the position, General Manager on the subject line along with the website where you found the job information. Example: General Manager –

¬ Send your Resume to the attention of the Director of Human Resources at the following email address:

¬ Very Important (Any Application without this Document will be Rejected): Send a two page write-up explaining how you intend to comply with and or implement each bullet point under: Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting; Marketing and Sales; Animal Husbandry; Required Skills and Expectations; Desired Skills and Expectations.

¬ Very Important (Any Application without this Document will be Rejected): Provide a one page write up of why you think that you are the best qualified candidate for this job.

¬ Very Important (Any Application without this Document will be Rejected): Include an active email address and a telephone number where you can be reached in case you are shortlisted for this position.

Note: Working on a poultry farm is a completely different experience from working in a regular office setting with all the convenience of modern technology, a nice office and modern amenities. This job does not require taking care of the birds, but on a daily basis, you will be exposed to conditions typical to working on a farm, with a frequent exposure to unpleasant odors from the waste of farm birds. This is not an exaggeration. If you know that you cannot work under such conditions, please do not waste your time and the time of NBF to apply for this position.

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