MBC Africa steps-up value chain model with attractive packages for agribusinesses in Ghana

MBC Africa: Stakeholder Roundtable Workshop

MBC Africa, an agribusiness value chain development organisation building sustainable and competitive Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) has organised a stakeholder consultation workshop on a new extension service model to boost agriculture in Ghana.

The Agribusiness Stakeholder Roundtable, held on Monday, April 30 at the Peduase Valley Resort near Aburi purposed to explore design-thinking approaches with key stakeholders from the public sector, private sector, and local authorities, to enrich Ghana’s extension service sector which is currently challenged with logistical and operational hurdles.

Participating stakeholders include the traditional council in Akwapim South, smallholder farmers, financial institutions, input companies, food processing companies, agribusiness experts and the media.

Tenemba Anna Samake, the Executive Director of MBC Africa accentuated the urgent need for more inclusive and comprehensive business solutions with objective to help emerge a pool of sustainable and competitive Small and Growing Businesses in targeted sectors especially in Agribusiness value chains in Ghana.

“MBC Africa has designed an extension service model called Rural Enterprises Development Initiative (REDI) to help assist smallholder farmers and Farmer-Based Organizations; this combines business and technical skills training for (FBOs), with concurrent financing,” she emphasised.

She further stated that the model, being an adaptive one, has a high social and economic impact on all the stakeholders of any given value chain.

“We believe in practical and sustainable initiatives and REDI will be a game-changing solution,” she added.

Speaking to Agricinghana Media, the head of Agribusiness financing at IFS Financial Services underscored the need for smallholder farmers to form cooperatives or farmer-based organisations to access financial services.

Participants explored and extensively discussed challenges and opportunities in Ghana’s agribusiness industry using human-centred design approaches and business model canvas to come up with unique and sustainable solutions.

“This approach to bringing key actors together not only to discuss agricultural value chain problems as usually done by advocacy organisations and development projects but rather coming up with practical market-driven  solutions is more game-changing”, says a young farmer participant from the Eastern Region.

MBC Africa’s Rural Enterprises Development Initiative has already engaged Business Development Associates in several districts in Ghana to provide customised business advisory services to agribusinesses, in addition to making them bankable for venture investments. MBC Africa has partnered with the Akuapem South District, Eastern Region to pilot the REDI program.


About MBC Africa                                                                                                                  

MBC Africa provides an enabling environment for agribusinesses in Africa by integrating the business services they need to grow onto one single platform. MBC Africa’s role is to identify, nurture and develop a critical mass of viable growth-oriented agribusinesses as a pipeline for sustainable and impactful investment in selected African economies: Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Mali.

Website: http://www.mbcafrica.org/en/

Address: Fourth Street, East Legon, Accra, Near ARS Roundabout

Telephone: 030 396 7033

Mobile: 024 946 8092

Email: info@mbcafrica.org

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