Need an agrochemical spraying drone for your farm? Talk to Acquahmeyer Aviation

Spray drone on a farm. Image by Agricinghana Media

Ghana’s  AcquahMeyer Aviation is leading the drone revolution with the deployment of crop spraying drones for the country’s farming sector.

The company, also having a branch in Germany, has in stock DigitalEagle  YM-6160 and YM-6180 agricultural spray drones. These professional drones are for automated spraying of agrochemical products on varying farm parcel sizes: small, medium to large hectares.


With aerial spraying, farming in Ghana will never be the same again! The spray drones available at AcquahMeyer Aviation are bespoked state of the art drones equipped with Artificial Intelligence, resulting in a remarkable control preventing air and water pollution.

AcquahMeyer Aviation drones could also be mounted with sensors to provide real time field observation to generate insights on water management, disease prevention and even warn you about potential farm problems.


About AcquahMeyer Aviation

AcquahMeyer Aviation is an aviation service provider, registered in Ghana with a branch office in Germany. The company comprises a team with more than 10 years experience in the aviation industry with pilot background, aircraft sales, and  aviation training.

Interested farmers and agribusinesses should contact AcquahMeyer Aviation below for purchase, rental or enquiries:

Email at:

Phone: 0302548157 or 0248282022

Office: No. 7 Emmanuel Villa, Ogbojo-Legon


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Farmer Helpline: 0500000996

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