Advisor: Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) in Ghana

GIZ is looking for an advisor on value chain development for the Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) in Ghana

¬ Your responsibility is to support and supervise the design, implementation and monitoring of projects to support small scale farmers in cooperation with the private and the public sector and civil society organisations. You will support a professional team of value chain advisers from partner organisations and serve as link between two GIZ supported programmes, the Green Innovations Centre for Agriculture and Food Sector and the Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI). You will work in the context of international cooperation with other African and expatriate staff. You will work with a focus on Ghanaian operation but linking up and sharing experiences with colleagues from Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Tanzania.

¬ You will be responsible for supporting the implementation of the project in Ghana for training/capacity building activities, business skills development, design of financial service, improved linkages along the value chain, collaboration amongst actors, improved marketing of rice products and contribute to policy advocacy and give strategic advice.

¬ You bring leadership support and management skills to the team. You have experiences in the promotion of agricultural value chains and a proven record of your advisory skills in projects cooperating with the private sector. You like to work in a dynamic environment, are able to adjust to changing conditions and provide guidance by developing concepts and you support, advice and allocate resources according to plans and opportunities in line with the objectives of the project.

¬ You have a background in agriculture, private sector development or economics. You gathered at least 5 years of experience of which at least three years in a comparable position. Previous GIZ experience is an asset.

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