Spurring farming in Ghana with GPS-specific weather information

Localised weather forecast information is part of Syecomp’s  Shared Value initiative to provide real-time weather,early warning, and climate information and data for vulnerable actors in Ghana.

In Ghana, there is a likelihood of climate change set to hit the agricultural sector adversely and cause considerable negative impacts particularly for farmers, pastoralists and fishers.

Weather information is one of the requirements for effective climate change adaptation in Ghana, with Agriculture serving as the backbone of the economy.

Syecomp is aiming to positively impact those in need of accurate hyper-local and timely weather information.  Irrespective of cellphone-type, farmers, pastoralists, fishers, and agribusinesses could subscribe for weekly or daily location-specific weather information to be delivered via SMS direct to their phones.

To subscribe, text your Name, and Farm Location to the Farmer Helpline: 0500000996


Do you manage an Outgrower Scheme, Farmer-Based Cooperative (FBC), Farmer-Based Organisation (FBO) and wish to get your member-farmers subscribed for weekly weather forecast information? Then, send us a mail: Team@syecomp.com or Call the Farmer Helpline: 0500000996

The service is also useful for insurance companies; commodity traders; warehouse managers, traders, aggregators, and agri-input dealers. Contact us to discuss project partnerships.

Email: Team@syecomp.com

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Farmer Helpline: 0500000996

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