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AgPress® Newswire

Accra, Ghana: Introducing AgPress® Newswire, a strategic communication channel for press releases and newsworthy information from key value chain actors. These include Agricultural Development Projects, Input Companies, Financial Institutions, Agribusiness Investors, Agribusinesses, Farmer-Based Organisations (FBOs), Farmer-Based Co-operatives (FBCs), and Government Agencies.

AgPress® Newswire is a unique service of Agricinghana Media to boost your project communication giving you a greater Return on Investment (ROI). This service combines quality information dissemination with affordable options in order to meet your unique agribusiness needs.

Through AgPress® Newswire, you will get a consistent and smooth relay of your agricultural information, to a highly targeted audience for the desired impact.

Agricinghana Media, with a highly decentralised structure and vast network of highly trained and knowledgeable journalists and Communication Experts would provide professional media coverage for your agricultural event, and assist with bespoke strategic communication design for your agricultural project.

AgPress® Newswire will additionally publish your project’s Request for Proposals (RFPs), Expressions of Interest (EOIs), agribusiness job opportunities, field project reports, workshop reports, project learning notes, and project impact evaluation reports.

We will leverage on our sector know-how to build a consistent institutional memory for your agricultural project.

Agricinghana Media is offering two inexpensive cost options to all clients. Annual Partnership cost giving you unlimited publications for your organisation/project and Flat Fee option per published content. Reach out to us to discuss your preference. We are open to discussing other options to meet your specific needs.

Connect with us!
Farmer Helpline: 0500000996
Physical Office: 666/14 Nii Noi Kwame Street, Dzorwulu

About Agricinghana Media
Agricinghana Media, since 2011, has a strategic working philosophy not to ordinarily satiate the thirst for agriculture information but to expand the horizon for Ghana’s crops, livestocks, and aquaculture value chains. We do this by providing a hub for Agricultural intelligence, build institutional memory for Agricultural Development Projects in Ghana, and provide consistent and reliable Agricultural News (AgNews).
We strive to build a mutually beneficial network of varied players across and along the agricultural value chain in Ghana, Sub-Saharan Africa, and beyond. We are proud of the continuous growth trajectory of our services and partnerships.

Besides being a source of valuable industry information, Agricinghana Media provides
¬ Professional Photography, Videography
¬ Communication Consultancies
¬ Project Documentary
¬ Workshops/conference social reporting coverage,
¬ Co-manages the Farmer Helpline Channel: 0500000996.

Agricinghana Media is available as an Online (daily) and Print Media (quarterly).

Download this AgPress® Newswire information: AgPress® Newswire-Agricultural News Broadcasting[pdf]

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  1. Collins Antwi
    October 1, 2017 at 11:20 am

    I am so happy to have agricinghana to publish us.
    There are so much to write about Agric in Ghana that your presence means a lot to me.
    I welcome you to my mail box.

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