Media, Private Sector, and Agrifood Nexus in Ghana


We, Media Participants at the Media Round table Dialogue on Agriculture Investment, held in Accra on September 13, 2017, having discussed issues relating to the role of the media in the promotion of agricultural investment;

Convinced that the Media is a key driving force in agricultural transformation in Ghana;

Aware of the essential role of the Media in promoting, guiding, and strengthening agricultural investment and agricultural policy processes;

Aware of the limited engagement of Media by ‎public and private value chain actors in project monitoring, knowledge documentation, and informing the general public;

Recognise the tremendous role of the Media in highlighting key agriculture issues to promote reforms in government policies that can enable improved private sector participation and investment in agriculture;‎

Satisfied that key public and private actors (individuals and institutions) are committed to developing, nurturing, and supporting a proactive Media Network to galvanize action;

Do hereby;
Appreciate the urgency to expand synergies with the private sector, civil society, Government, and Development Agencies through Media reporting is integral to ensuring more meaningful interactions with tangible outcomes for Ghana’s Agricultural sector;

Prioritize the importance of providing timely, responsive, and accessible agricultural information to the general public as a means of exposing limitless value chain opportunities in the sector;

Resolve that the Government of Ghana (GoG), Government Agencies, Civil Society, Development Partners, Donors, should consider and implement the following recommendations by us:

Recommendations on Stepping Up Media Reportage on Agriculture Investment ‎
1. Government of Ghana and it’s relevant agencies should improve Agriculture data processes through the provision of timely, quality, and gender/youth disaggregated with data accessible through Open Data Standards;

2. Agricultural Development interventions in Ghana should have a continuous working engagement with the Media to effectively document project impact and build institutional memory.

3. Government of Ghana, ancillary agencies, and private sector value chain actors should initiate budgetary allocations for Media-related activities for appropriate content-driven advertising services.‎

Endorsed by all Media Participants at the Media Round table Dialogue on Agriculture Investment in Ghana held on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at Coconut Grove Regency Hotel.

Download Communique: Communique-Media[pdf]

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