Update: Call for Investors (CfI) in an Agribusiness Venture in Ghana

Some few weeks ago we announced a call for investors to support an unproven but viable agribusiness venture in Ghana. We are proud to announce the venture has received the needed backing as requested within few days of publication. The exciting part is that some investors with larger funds have specifically requested for the venture to increase its funds request to benefit from larger rounds of investment within the year. We very much appreciate our noble investors for responding to this call and believing in our initial critical assessment of ventures that are promoted via Agricinghana blog.

In order for the venture to reach and scale quickly as we knew it, there is a real need for improved and consistent marketing campaigns and field trials to be initiated. A mobile app developer would also be engaged for a short-term assignment. The same venture therefore requires additional US $1000 (4,500 Ghana Cedis only) to undertake and complete this phase of market sizing and stimulate client interest in their service. The same terms apply: 4 months repayable investment at 37 per cent interest.

Interested in establishing a mutually-beneficial partnership with the venture?

Email us: Editor@agricinghana.com

Call the Farmer Helpline: 0500000996

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