RFP_Certification and Marketing of Day Old Chicks (DOCs)

DATE: 09/01/17

Project background/rationale

The Ghana Poultry Project (GPP) is a five-year initiative funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food for Progress Program (FFPr) and implemented by ACDI/VOCA and TechnoServe with the goal to increase the competitiveness of the domestic production and processing of poultry meat and eggs.

GPP works in the following three selected regions and their respective districts of Ghana:

1. Brong Ahafo (Dormaa, Sunyani, Techiman, Wenchi, Nkoranza and Berekum)
2. Ashanti region (Ejura Sekyidumasi, Atwima Nwabiagya, Atwima Kwanwoman, Ejisu Juabeng, Ofinso North, Ofinso South, Kumasi Metro)
3. Greater Accra (Accra Metro, Ga South, Ga East, Tema, Ada West and Dangbe East)

The two Strategic Objectives of GPP in line with the goals of USDA are:
1. Increase agriculture productivity in the poultry value chain through capacity building, improving input markets, promoting strategic investments and private-public partnerships.
2. Increase the trade of poultry products by improving product quality, increasing production efficiency, and improving market linkages.

The intervention by USDA is to address the non-competitiveness of Ghana’s poultry sector. Chiefly from high production costs due to high cost of inputs and limited supply/availability of quality inputs such as day old chicks (DOCs). A major weakness of the existing policy and regulatory environment for poultry producers relates to quality control and “certification” of locally produced DOCs. This has affected the availability of cheaper quality DOCs to Ghanaian poultry producers.

During a hatcheries strategy mapping workshop recently held by GPP for hatchery owners and operators at the animal research institute (ARI) Accra, on September 16th 2016. Stakeholders proposed the setting up of a certification committee.

Objective of the Consultancy
The objective of the assignment is to undertake the following in the hatchery sector:
1. To assess gaps in the production and marketing of quality Day Old Chicks (DOCs)
2. Identify the challenges and opportunities of Ghanaian produced DOCs and other supply chain linkages
3. Establish hatcheries certification committee within the confines of Ghanaian law

Scope of Work
The consultant will carry out this assignment through collaboration with the VSD, APD, KNUST and ARI as well as hatchery business operators. Key aspects of this scope of work are listed below:
1. Identify and document factors influencing poultry producer’s preference to foreign/imported DOCs against Ghanaian produced DOCs.
2. Recommend steps that Ghanaian hatcheries could take to meet the preference of the poultry producers to ensure that they begin to patronized locally produced DOCs
3. Identify critical training needs of Ghanaian hatchery businesses
4. Conduct audit of at least 10 hatchery business to identify challenges and the state of the equipment’s used for their operations and make recommendations for up grading where necessary
5. Identify in conjunction with VSD, APD, KNUST and ARI the members to be constituted into a “hatcheries certification” committee
6. Develop a TOR for the committee and get it inaugurated
7. Facilitate domestic production of good quality DOCs
8. Identify hatcheries that import fertile hatcharble eggs (FHE) for hatching and those that have grandparent stock
9. Identify the challenges of maintain grandparents in Ghana
10. Support the development of special farms to hold grandparent stocks.
11. Train hatchery operators on good hatchery management practices.
12. Establish appropriate guidelines for hatchery operations and ensure enforcement
13. Develop effective monitoring system to ensure supply of good quality DOCs.
14. Work with VSD and the veterinary input supply chain operators to ensure that right vaccines are imported for the use of poultry producers.
15. Work with VSD and APD to facilitate the passage of the Veterinary Service and Animal Production Bill to better regulate the operations of hatchery businesses/operators.
16. Establish a committee to monitor local hatcheries. The committee should be mandated to close down hatcheries that produce sub-standard day old chicks.
17. To work with GPP communication specialist and other stakeholders to branding and market Ghanaian produced DOCs to promote patronage.

Expected Duration of Assignment
The expected duration of the assignment is from 1st April, 2017 to 10th May, 2017 or 6 working weeks. The consultant can choose his/her working days or hours provided this does not affect the timelines for the assignment.

The expected deliverables are:
1. Comprehensive marketing and branding concept developed to promote the patronage of DOCs produced in Ghana
2. Assessment report on challenges of hatchery operations and capacity building needs of hatchery operators
3. Comprehensive report and guidelines on how to map out joint project implementation strategy to bridge trading gaps between local and imported DOCs
4. Draft report and presentation highlighting the findings and recommendations after reviewing the existing products of hatcheries in Ghana
5. Power point presentation at a stakeholder workshop to validate the findings and recommendations
6. Selection of members for formation of hatcheries certification committee
7. Hatcheries certification committee formed and inaugurated
8. An audit report on 10 hatchery businesses
9. Special farms set up to hold grandparent stocks
10. A monitoring system developed to guide supply of quality DOCs
11. Monitoring committee set up to monitor local hatcheries operations
12. Final report of the assignment that incorporates the feedback from the stakeholder validation meeting

The deliverables must be accepted by the GPP Chief of Party and the Value Chain Team Leader as achieved prior to final payment.

Other Terms of Engagement
1. The Consultant agrees to loyally and conscientiously perform all the duties described related to the consultancy.
2. The Consultant agrees to observe and comply with all policies, rules, regulations and directions that will be given by ACDI VOCA/TechnoServe.
3. The Consultant will work and report to the GPP Value Chain Team Leader.
4. The Consultant agrees that all materials relating to the assignment provided by ACDI VOCA/TechnoServe for the Consultant are for the benefit of GPP, and shall upon completion of the work remain the property of ACDI VOCA/TechnoServe.

Required Experience and Competencies
The consultant or consulting team consisting of OR with knowledge in hatchery operations, Veterinary medicine, and Marketing/Branding is required to undertake the assignment.
The consultant(s) must demonstrate full competence in implementing the scope of work with strong expertise and the relevant background.

Specifically, the Lead Consultant should:
1. Possess an advance university degree in Veterinary Science, Animal science, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Economics, Marketing/Branding, Organizational Development, or other related fields. A professional certification will be an advantage.
2. Have at least 10 years of working experience in their respective fields. Prior experience working in the Poultry / hatchery sectors will be an advantage.
3. Demonstrate the ability to easily establish rapport and build relationships with people and organizations
4. Demonstrate diverse understanding and clear knowledge of the poultry industry.
5. Have excellent analytical, writing and reporting skills.

Information for Submitting Proposal
Interested consultants should submit a Technical and Financial Proposal electronically (excluding annexes) specifying
1. Understanding of the assignment (5 points)
2. Methodology and Work Plan (30 marks)
3. Relevant Experience with references of 3 assignments of a similar nature conducted in the past 5 years (10 marks)
4. Resume of the lead consultant (15 marks) and other supporting staff (10 marks)
5. Detailed costing including Level of Effort, Fee Rates and Expenses (30 points). The payment terms, linked to the required deliverables (i.e. Inception Report, Draft Report, Final Report) should be specified.

Proposals will be evaluated against the criteria [and points allocated] as listed above.
Any questions on the Request for Proposals should be sent to: RFP_GPP@acdivocaghana.org within two working days before the due date for submission of proposals. The name of the RFP must be stated in the subject line of the application. Replies to the questions will be sent to all potential bidders within 24 hours.
The proposal is due by close of day 7th March, 2017 and should be sent to: RFP_GPP@acdivocaghana.org GPP expects to finalize selection and negotiate contracts by the end of 21st March, 2017 so that the assignment can commence immediately

Terms of Payment
Payment will be made on the basis of an invoice upon the delivery of agreed milestones. The Payment shall be made upon a satisfactory review of the assessment report by the GPP Chief of Party and the Value Chain Team Leader.

Download: RFP_Certification and Marketing of DOCs 5_ (1) [PDF: 246KB]

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