Statement from @Agricinghana on the sudden death of Ghana’s President

The Late president John Evans Attah Mills will always be remembered for his dedication to public service, love for people, a commitment to change the lots of Ghanaians, and his firm belief in the Lord Jesus.

The agricinghana team wish to express its profound condolence to all the people of this dear country of ours, the late President’s wife, Mrs Naadu Mills, the family, and the Government.

It is our fervent hope that work will not come to a standstill but we will be geared-up and perform our duties as patriotic citizens and continue the good works of the late president Mills.

We believe that  the death of our president should not in anyway be politicized as we have succeeded in doing with other issues. It’s a National Affair and let’s view it as such.  A heavy cloud has fallen on Ghanaians and our heart is heavy. Let’s mourn his death but celebrate his life. He has certainly left his mark in the annals of history.

Damirifa Due. Yaa ko, Paapa nante yiye-———— Rest in Peace

Agricinghana  Team

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